Bosco Wong bashes Myolie Wu's cooking is like a pile of poo

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Bosco Wong bashes Myolie Wu's cooking is like a pile of poo

Post by summer7879 on Fri May 13, 2011 2:01 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong bashes Myolie Wu's cooking is like a pile of poo

Bosco Wong and Chrissie Chow were at Cheung Sha Wan recording for Kitty Yuen and King Kong's TV food show Neighborhood Gourmet and attracted a large group of residents. Bosco found out he had too cook shrimp when he arrived and claimed that his clothing matches with shrimp. Chrissie said she's only there to eat.

Bosco is skilled at cooking, and criticized rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu's cooking. He said: "She doesn't know how to cook, it's like a pile of poo. Sometimes her cooking improves, she's best at cooking hot pot. She needs to learn from cooking goddess Kitty Yuen. (Reduce her score?) Take her time to learn, the kitchen is a mountain that cannot have two tigers. I cook both Chinese and Western dishes."

It was said that TVB has an outline story for the Triumph in the Skies sequel. Bosco hopes the original cast can be part of it and also understands it's hard to get Francis Ng back after so many years: "How about Anthony Wong, both series have two big Film Kings and it be good if Film Queens guest star too." As for Sammul Chan, who had already left TVB, his role is replaced by Raymond Lam, Bosco said it's just a rumor and the decision is made by the executives. It depends on the story before deciding if Bosco and Myolie are going to be a pair.

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