Sharon Chan & Sam Lee visits nightclubs to learn story of the Procuress

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Sharon Chan & Sam Lee visits nightclubs to learn story of the Procuress

Post by summer7879 on Fri May 27, 2011 3:56 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sharon Chan & Sam Lee visits nightclubs to learn story of the Procuress

This is the first time Sam Lee, who had always focused on films, shoot a TVB series. In TVB new series Ghetto Justice, Sam is paired with the 10 year younger Sharon Chan. Sam jokes that it's 'late spring', but greatly praises that Sharon is terrific ('mo dak ting'): "She is family oriented and pretty! My first TV series, I relied on her entirely to look after me. She did all that a 'girlfriend' does, so I should be a 'boyfriend' too and treat her to meals all the time!" Sharon also praises Sam for looking funny on the outside, but inside he's actually very serious: "People ask me if he's really funny, but actually not really. When he's working, he's actually very into it!" After mutual praises, the two claims that they are only friends and will definitely not spark love.

In the series, both makes an exceptional performance, believe that everyone will have more respect for them! Sharon plays a sex worker that runs nude on the street to help her mother pay off her debts. Sam as a social worker challenges justice through barbaric behavior and hopes to rescue Sharon from the pit of fire. Before shooting began, the professional Sharon and Sam met up at the nightclub to chat with the 'mama shan' (procuress) and hear their story. Sharon was afraid of danger and stood close by Sam to get the experience! Sam said: "When we got there, it felt so suppressed! There are really all kinds of people in those places, I feel the danger for them! (What do you think of this type of occupation?) It's just a character in society, if there are demands then there will naturally be offers!" As for Sharon, she learned their bitter background and felt very emotional: "One really had the same aspiration as my role! So we shouldn't discriminate them, they don't harm anyone." Necessary for the role, Sharon had to dress sexily and walk around the streets of Sam Siu Po. She attracted a lot of elderly men during shooting, staring at her from head to toe. This is a huge challenge to her EQ! Sharon also injured her collarbone during shooting of the series and took several months off. Such a huge sacrifice, Sharon expressed she just hopes audience will acknowledge Ghetto Justice.

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