Raymond Lam carries over 10 pounds ring of light and charges into HK Coliseum

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Raymond Lam carries over 10 pounds ring of light and charges into HK Coliseum

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:04 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Raymond Lam carries over 10 pounds ring of light and charges into HK Coliseum

Although Raymond Lam's gossips with Mavis Pan are never ending, fortunately his acting career has not been affected, and still able to hold his concert as scheduled. Raymond's third HK Coliseum Concert entitled LIGHT UP MY LIFE RAYMOND LAM CONCERT 2011 is scheduled to start on July 30th through July 31st. Following his last two concerts, playing with water and fire special effects, this time he will be using light as the theme with light and a blast of special effects as a symbol of Raymond's rays of light going everywhere. This time, Raymond will be opening all 4 stages for the first time and have close interaction with fans.

A few days ago, Raymond carried a several 10 pounds circular ring of light around himself to shoot the concert poster. The poster used color effects to bring out more light rays into our eyes. Raymond wears a green costume with a ring of light around him to give off a (峯芒盡現) feeling at the concert, the style also gives a fresh and modern feeling.

As for the other day there were reports that said Tiffany Tang Yan was the 'fourth party' that Mavis Pan mentioned before and gets involved in Raymond's relationship. Tiffany's manager issued a formal statement yesterday clarifying that the report is completely false and that someone is trying to stir up false news. The statement stressed that all intimate photos between Tiffany and Raymond were from the Mainland TV series Ad Mania. Tiffany did not know Raymond before shooting the series and does not keep in touch in private life. Tiffany's management hopes the media can stop writing up stories that are not true and to protect their managed artist, they reserve the right to take legal action.

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