Moses Chan fear Aimee Chan might have change of heart: Touch Wood!

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Moses Chan fear Aimee Chan might have change of heart: Touch Wood!

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:55 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan fear Aimee Chan might have change of heart: Touch Wood!

TVB Siu Sang Moses Chan and famous model Amanda S. attended the British shoe brand CLARKS store opening ceremony in Causeway Bay yesterday. They did the ribbon cutting together with the store manager.

Recently it has been said that Moses secretly met up with Aimee Chan at Golden Coast Hotel in Tuen Mun for a dinner date. Yesterday Moses sweetly admitted, he said that this is their first date. When Moses was teased if he purposely let the news out? He said nervously: "Of course not! If so, then I wouldn't have drove all the way to Golden Coast, so far away. I am a very low-key person, basically I don't want reporters to photograph me."

Asked how he felt that night? Moses again let out a loving look: "Ok! (Any more development?) No. (Hold hands?) Not yet. (Expressed love?) Not yet! We were just having dinner, take it slowly. (How is your impression?) Pretty good, very good! (Her impression on you?) I think ok too. After the report came out, I sent SMS to her and apologized about the exposure of our meeting."

Moses generously admitted that he took Aimee home too after dinner. When reporters teased if they had curry chicken that night and if they would take protective measures when they date again? Moses said: "We should all relax, let's not get anxious, take it slowly!" As if he sees Aimee as a marriage partner? Moses said: "If this moment comes, I will let you all know." However, when reporters teased Moses again that he needs to be quick otherwise Aimee might get pursued by someone else, Moses immediately knocked on the stage set implying "Touch Wood"!

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