Bosco Wong works as a couple team with Myolie and conveniently meets her parents too

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Bosco Wong works as a couple team with Myolie and conveniently meets her parents too

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:58 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong works as a couple team with Myolie and conveniently meets her parents too

Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Margaret Chung and Jeana Ho attended a promotional event for a Mainland active wear brand. The couple team, Myolie and Bosco, were the center of attention since Myolie's parents especially came to the event to meet their future son-in-law.

Myolie admitted that she is very picky when choosing a boyfriend, Bosco quickly bounced back a few steps with a wide smile on his face. Myolie looked over to her 'boyfriend' and smiled sweetly: "Why are you looking that way?" They were flirting on the spot. As for her parents coming to the event to see their future son-in-law? Myolie smiled as she denied, Bosco said: "It is not convenient for me to answer! In fact, we came to this event together, we were already prepared to get played and teased, but I'm not sure if there will be a change in the price we get!"

"It's all your fault"

When speaking of Myolie and JJ Jia's rumors, that she's teasing JJ for having a lazy sound on the set of Yuefu Hidden Dragon. Myolie cried loudly that she is innocent, and expressed that she only saw her at the costume fitting, Myolie said: "We haven't even started shooting our scenes yet. Basically I feel she's very pretty and I'm happy to be able to collaborate with her, but I don't know why there are such reports." It was said that Bosco had rumors with JJ before and made Myolie upset. She then threw a tantrum on Bosco: "It's all your fault!" Bosco immediately apologized, and clarified he and JJ have not collaborated before. Then he sweet talked expressing he feels most comfortable when working with Myolie.

Making her first public appearance after her pregnancy, Margaret's husband is Myolie's ex-boyfriend. However, the two are still good friends. Margaret took the initiative to shake Myolie's hand and exchanged greetings. Later, she smiled as she said they have a good relationship in private life. When speaking of her 5 month old daughter Isabella, Margaret immediately turned into a gentle mother as she said: "I take care of my her myself, so I really miss her and have to rush home. However, my husband does help me out. We still haven't given her a Chinese name yet, wait until she gets a little older before we think about it."

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