Raymond Lam sighs want to love, but dares not to love

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Raymond Lam sighs want to love, but dares not to love

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:34 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam sighs want to love, but dares not to love

Raymond Lam, Joe Ma and Oceane Zhu appeared at the 17th Shanghai TV and Film Festival and attended the Mainland series Ad Mania press conference a few days ago. It was only seen that Raymond and Mainland actor Yuan Hong were very chatty.

In the series, Raymond plays a creative, unrestricted, free and easy director. However in real life he's very frustrated because of his 'bed photo' scandal with ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan that happened earlier this year. After the exposure, he turned overly fearful and admitted that his current situation is "want to love, but dares not to love". He expressed that love is not an necessity, focusing on work is much more practical. Raymond said: "The current me will go search for love in a very serious manner and when it comes to relationships, I'm very cautious. The future, leave it to fate!" He continued: "Well that's good too! I admit that this year some events happened in my career and my life, but I feel these experiences are good to me, so I can be more mature."

At the event, it was said a clear grey hair was visible on Raymond's head, wonder if it is all because of the stress he is going through that caused the grey hair. When speaking of the kiss scenes in the series, Raymond embarrassingly said: "I was passive, the girl took the initiative and I bounced away. I am honestly feeling a little sorry!"

He expressed that he is currently busy promoting for his upcoming concert in July. When speaking of his movie not doing well in the box office earlier, Raymond expressed that the DVD was selling well, giving him more confidence to step into the movie scene again. Raymond claimed that his life is made to be tiring: "Because I'm very greedy, I want to do everything. When shooting Ad Mania, I had an infection in my windpipe and had to go get it treated in the hospital."

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