Khalil Fong refuses to court girls with music

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Khalil Fong refuses to court girls with music

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:27 am

Credit :Source: xin.msn
Translated by: mv_288 @ AsianFanatics

Khalil Fong refuses to court girls with music

He might be only 28 years old, but successful Hong Kong musician Khalil Fong has not only caught the interest of Chinese-speaking fans, but has also gained worldwide recognition through his music.

Khalil was recently in town to promote his latest album 15. The album is named as such because the singer first picked up the guitar at the age of 15. Khalil also returns to his blues and rock roots in this album.

In previous interviews, the singer had reiterated his intentions of finding a girlfriend. However, Khalil said that he had no time to meet anyone new because of his busy schedule.

At the press conference on June 9, he expressed that he would not rush into a relationship and would like to know the girl first before courting her.

How would he court her then?

Surprisingly, Khalil said that he would not use music to impress her.

"I think it's weird to serenade her with a guitar suddenly; I'll never do that. Though, I think it's okay to write songs which are inspired by her," the musician smiled.

Khalil added that if he is currently dating the girl, he would not have problems singing to her. He then reiterated that he would not sing to impress the girl if he was courting her only.

"I'll tell her silly jokes," Khalil laughed, when asked what else he would do.

In his past albums, Khalil had always sung a duet with rumoured girlfriend and singer Fiona Sit. While he did not duet with Fiona this time, Khalil invited Fiona to participate in the music video of 'Zhang Yong Cheng'.

Was that to pacify Fiona? After all, Khalil did a duet with Taiwanese singer Lala Hsu. The latter was featured in the song 'Self-assumption' of his 15 album.

The musician denied the allegations and explained that the only reason why he invited Fiona was because "she is very famous".

Khalil confessed that there was no time for the duo to rehearse before the filming of the music video, so they had to improvise on the spot. Due to time constraints, the pair had to try not to have too many NG takes.

Unlike other singer-songwriters such as Jay Chou and Lee Hom, Khalil had never been caught in any rumours or scandals. The one person Khalil was ever linked with was Fiona. This may be because the musician rarely spoke on issues which are not related to music during interviews.

"Scandal brings no advantages to music," Khalil asserted.

Khalil also did not purposely avoid Fiona, even after they were rumoured to be dating each other.

Unlike his previous albums -- where he composed all of the songs -- two like-minded friends Chan Siu Kei and Lee Yat Ding also participated in the album. The duo also took part in the music video of 'Because of You'.

The trio might appear to be reserved, but Khalil revealed that they are in fact very noisy when they hang out together. He added that they have a different sense of humour and enjoyed telling silly jokes.

"You'd agree some of them are really lame [if you hear them]," the singer added.

While he did not tell any of his silly jokes at the press conference, Khalil said that people would understand once they watched the music video of 'Because of You'. The talented Khalil had also directed the video clip.

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