Chow Yun Fat protects Myolie Wu's 1 second screen time in his film

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Chow Yun Fat protects Myolie Wu's 1 second screen time in his film

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:42 am

Credit :Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chow Yun Fat protects Myolie Wu's 1 second screen time in his film

The film Beginning of the Great Revival (建黨偉業) held a charitable premiere last night. The attendees include Chow Yun Fat and his wife, Liu Ye, Nick Cheung, Angelababy, Michelle Ye and Myolie Wu. Myolie makes a 1 second camero in the film as Chow Yun Fat's 7th mistress. She was much luckier than Tang Wei, who had her scenes completely cut out. It turns out Myolie had Chow Yun Fat's protection that saved her the 1 second screen time.

Fat Gor became the main focus when he appeared at the event, Liu Ye said that with Fat Gor around, it is a stress reliever? Fat Gor said: "Liu Ye is the lead actor, I am just a supporting actor!" Fat Gor plays Yuan Shikai, Liu Ye wanted to exchange roles with him, but Fat Gor was not willing to because he expressed he can't play Mao Zedong. Andy Lau plays Cai E and has scenes with Fat Gor, it has been many years since they last collaborated. He praises that Andy is very handsome and looks younger than before, but he's too thin.

Secret 'nude photos' by paparazzi is very terrifying

When asked about his opinion on the recent 'nude photo' incident taken by the media? Fat Gor said it's too over, and laughed that the media can take the photos, but don't publish them. He's also worried that if he got secretly photographed, that would be very terrifying for him, but at his house when he changes, he has frosted glass in the bathroom and he won't go out in the balcony.

Sexy outfits, not necessary for Bosco Wong to look over

Last night, Myolie was dressed in a sexy outfit and stole the limelight. She laughed and said that she rarely has a chance to dress up, so this time she deliberately dressed up for this occassion. Usually at home, she just dresses very causally. Asked if she need to first have Bosco Wong look over her outfit? She said not necessary. In the film, Myolie plays the 7th mistress of Yuan Shikai, who has a 1 second camero appearance, and it was fortunate that she did not get cut. Myolie said she was at the same scene as Fat Gor, but no scenes opposite of him. He is an international actor, while she turned into an Extra ('ke lei fe'), it is a special experience. Fat Gor takes good care of TVB artists, and treats her very well. During the shoot, he especially told the director not to cut her scene out! It was said she was more awesome than Tang Wei because her scenes were cut out completely.

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