'Love is the Only Answer' Charmaine Sheh & Alex Fong swaps partners to find true love

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'Love is the Only Answer' Charmaine Sheh & Alex Fong swaps partners to find true love

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:48 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

'Love is the Only Answer' Charmaine Sheh & Alex Fong swaps partners to find true love

Director Patrick Kong has been shooting mostly love flicks in his 8 year career. Following his 'Romantic Film Trilogy' making him a name, last year he started another film about 'cheating' Marriage with a Liar. This year he decided to do an 'encore' film Love is the Only Answer focusing on 'swapping partners' (swinging). Can exchanging wives find true love?

Patrick said his recent productions are more bold and daring, just one attitude and not revealing. Like Marriage with a Liar was about 'cheating', but is not promoting 'cheating', rather it is studying the possibility of 'cheating' that could happen in society.

He continues: "Audience really accepts this topic for movies. I carried out one attitude, using Love is the Only Answer to talk about swapping partners and values. We look into does a partner switching [his/her] own partner have sense of security? I boldly go say it, but not encourage it. In fact, there is this topic in society. If a married couple is willing to accept, then the people besides them cannot criticize."

Patrick loves finding inspirations in life to shoot film. He says without concealing anything that many of his old works are references to his friends' experiences. As for the story of his new film Love is the Only Answer, the story is selected from a story that circulated online. He said: "I have always wanted to shoot a legend. Before I heard friends talk about it, many people responded to this legend on discussion forums. A wedding reception showed clips of a pair of newly weds growth, but unexpectedly it becomes clips of the bride and groom on the bed being intimate. The bride immediately announced that she is cancelling the wedding and returned all gifts to the guests. Most young people know about this incident, I feel it's quite interesting, so I used it as a start in producing the film."

When speaking of lead actor and actress Alex Fong and Charmaine Sheh, they are a 'sister-brother' pair? Producer Kong believes that it will not be affected because it's about convincing. In modern love, we have overcome age difference. Charmaine is high rating guaranteed in TV series, but what about changing into the film scene, is he worried that she won't have the force in the box office? Patrick said: "In fact, I have thought about this. There are currently not many actors in the film scene, audience comes in to watch their anticipated cast. I also hope to give fresh feelings to audience, really fear the cast is too routine, but see if it works or not?"

He reveals that when he first asked Charmaine to work with him, it is to satisfy his own wish of working with an idol. After interacting with her, he fell in love with Charmaine more. He said: "Charmaine's performance is not restrained, she is already a Big Sister, but she never gives pressure to the behind-the-scenes crew. Also, before when she was shooting TV series, she has already been trained to bear through all hardships. I wanted her to pretend to be Sister Fa in the film and she was willing to do so. She is skilled in acting out emotional scenes, her eyes brimming with tears is amazing. I will discuss with her again for another collaboration." As for Alex Fong, he has not collaborated with him in several years. This time Patrick spotted Alex's appearance is well-behaved enough. There is a huge difference in being a cheap man for him. Patrick said: "Alex is a big boy now, this time he is very willing to accept challenge, his acting is very brave."


At BO (Charmaine Sheh) and CHEONG (Alex Fong) wedding reception, the projected was initially showing their journey of love, but suddenly a flash of a clip of CHEONG and a sexy girl being intimate came up. BO calmly ran up to the stage and announced that the wedding is cancelled. The incident rapidly became a hot topic on the internet.

Within a year, back to being single again, BO and the living life happily CHEONG maintains a good relationship. One day, CHEONG decided to play with love and took BO to participate in a swinging party. The conservative BO initially wanted to leave, but after being bribed by CHEONG, she helpless and stayed. At the swinging party, the two encounter KIT (Him Law) and his wife MAN LAI (Kelly Fu). The 4 of them develop a romantic and hot relationship.... At another wedding reception, when th projector plays the groom (Jason Chan) and bride (Rose Chan)'s heartwarming clips, a flash of another clip that does not want to be seen comes up....

Release: July 2011

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