Bosco Wong pulls a group to the HK 'Privacy Commissioner' to file a complaint and fight for their privacy

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Bosco Wong pulls a group to the HK 'Privacy Commissioner' to file a complaint and fight for their privacy

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:39 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong pulls a group to the HK 'Privacy Commissioner' to file a complaint and fight for their privacy

Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Yoyo Chen and Myolie Wu were all secretly photographed by tabloid magazines Sudden Weekly and FACE in their own homes. Bosco and Vincent were both captured nude. Though TVB have already issued a statement expressing that they are shutting out the two magazines and prohibit them from entering TVB City, but many artists still felt this only treated the symptoms of the problem and not the root cause, not very effective.

It was understood that because TVB saw the whole industry shaking over this incident, yesterday TVB takes it up a notch and decides to have the four victims Bosco, Myolie, Yoyo and Vincent head over to the Hong Kong's Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) on June 27th to file a complaint.

To fight for the privacy of artists

Yesterday reporters contacted TVB Department of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director (Tsang Sing Ming) to clarify. He admitted that TVB has decided to take this action, he said: "TVB considered the victims' feelings, so made arrangements for them to file a complaint with the PCPD. TVB will also completely support them." Asked if there will be a TVB executive that will accompany them? Mr. Tsang expressed he does not know yet, a meeting will still have to take place to discuss the details.

Yesterday when 'nude photo incident' victim Bosco Wong heard of TVB's arrangements, he expressed it is also his personal wish. He said: "We hope to unite together and pass on the incident to the professionals to handle, and hope that the related department in the government can face the issue squarely. This action is not to investigate into the incident, but we just hope that all artists can have their privacy. Actually when the media takes these types of pictures, can they really publish them, how will it be handled?"

As for rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu, she expressed she supports TVB's action. Asked if she already made time on her schedule to participate? She said "I am currently working every day, but no matter what, I will coordinate with my company completely. After all, whatever TVB wants us to do, I will accommodate." Asked if the secret photo incident left a shadow on her? She said without hesitation: "Yeah, at my own house I will definitely keep the curtains down. I live with my sister, so I have to remind her to do the same. Girls should always be more careful."

Yesterday Yoyo Chen accepted an interview and frankly expressed she still feels the after-effects from the incident. She said: "Sometimes, I feel very nervous. I already don't dare to open the curtains, but even if the curtains are down, I still have a scar inside of me. I'm very scared." She expressed the best practice in dealing with some magazines is legislation, she said: "The government should take action, don't let some media believe that there are no laws. If they do it again and there aren't any laws to control, whatever we do is useless. It's not just us, it is all artists that hope to have protection."

Her boyfriend Vincent Wong expressed the incident is left for TVB to arrange, he said: "The report really made me unhappy, disturbed. As an artist, I understand reporters' duties, but they cannot go over the limit. In short, whatever action TVB has, I will completely coordinate with them."

Linda Chung: I want to see sunshine

Linda said: "Good! Secretly photographing into someone's house is truly wrong. The home is private property, every person have their own lifestyle. I am personally scared of getting secretly photographed at home too, and have always kept the blinds down, but if I see it's a good day or if my family came to HK from overseas, I do hope to pull up the blinds and see the sunshine. So, I really hope the government can protect the privacy for us artists. If TVB has any other arrangements, I will support them."

Augustine Lee: The magazine is abnormal ('been tai')

Previously had the same experience, artist Augustine Lee expressed his support: "I definitely support them, I feel that the magazines being like that is a type of very abnormal behavior. Snapping photos into people's homes, it seriously violates an individual's privacy. Taking photos like that, will make people feel that the home is not safe, and can't take off their clothes at home and can't go to the bathroom. If this keeps happening, it will be very stressful to be at home, must take action."

Charmaine Sheh: In fear for 10 years

Charmaine said: "I strongly support TVB's action this time. This time the photographs are too over, seriously violating our privacy! It should be time for the government to do something about it. Besides affecting the social atmosphere, it can even affect the next generation! We, artists, pay so much taxes annually, we really hope the government can protect the privacy of public figures. I have already been in fear for 10 years, I don't even feel safe at home!"

Anthony Wong: It's useless

Anthony said: "Useless, my son was photographed by the media last year, I even hired a lawyer to send a letter to the PCPD. They replied 'It's not privacy when it's published'. Then can we not get back the money spent from a robbery? Ridiculous, not interfering means support in disguise. Violation of privacy is getting more and more serious. I hope someone can do something, but my hopes are not high."

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