Bernice Liu exposes for the first time, already broke up with Moses Chan in 2008

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Bernice Liu exposes for the first time, already broke up with Moses Chan in 2008

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:36 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu exposes for the first time, already broke up with Moses Chan in 2008

Last October, Bernice Liu was spotted on a date with young rich businessman Alastair Lam, ditching her 6 year "secret" relationship with Moses Chan and since then she was labeled as "the material girl". Moses, on the other hand, got sympathy from the public and was named the "best deal" in the industry. Soon after, dating rumors started between Moses and Aimee Chan, which got blessings from everyone. At this time, Bernice could not tolerate it anymore and hinted Aimee was the third party. Surrounded by negative publicity, Bernice reveals for the first time on Mingpao Magazine that she and Moses were already broken up in 2008. She also talks about ending her 10 year relationship with TVB.

Bernice did not mention the reason for their breakup, but she expressed that when the two developed to a certain stage, she asked herself if this is the person she truly loves? Can they be together for the rest of their lives? After the break up three years ago, the two continued working as a couple team because they were still under a contract, TVB instructed them to and she is still friends with Moses after all. Still friends with Moses? She said: "No matter if its work or relationship, I want to keep the beautiful memories. Of course we are friends." However, towards Moses' comment earlier that the "the past is the past" and he didn't announce that they were already separated, causing the public to misunderstand her, Bernice felt a little disappointed.

Bernice decided to leave TVB because she never got an award in the 10 years she been with them. Also, last time when she was filming series she sprained her waist and still had to continue shooting and flying all over the place. It was until Lunar New Years when she couldn't stand it anymore and couldn't get on the plane. When she got back to the company, she unexpectedly heard someone doubting her "Is she playing games?" This made Bernice's heart ached. She was asked if this sped up her decision to leave? She said: "That made me think clearly, I’m not going to kill my hard work.” Despite this, Bernice expressed: "Well I do have to thank TVB, if it weren't for them there would not be that many people that know me today." Bernice has signed a contract with a Mainland company, pursuing a career in three areas - TV, film and hosting.

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