Shirley Yeung gets together with old classmate, fiercely breaks up with Gregory Lee without a reason

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Shirley Yeung gets together with old classmate, fiercely breaks up with Gregory Lee without a reason

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Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Shirley Yeung gets together with old classmate, fiercely breaks up with Gregory Lee without a reason

32 year old Shirley Yeung and 31 year old Gregory Lee have been dating for 9 years, getting through countless obstacles. The one who left the deepest impression was Shirley when she careless about TVB's opposition and rather get frozen by the company to be with Gregory. In the past, she also pretended to break up with him and switch to an underground relationship, remaining completely loyal to her boyfriend. Last month, Shirley held a high-profile birthday celebration for her boyfriend, aside from holding hands and showing off their love, the couple also admitted the 'good event' (marriage) is near in an interview on Peter So's programme. The public has been anticipating the good event to come since.

Gets dumped for no reason, Gregory cries

However the tides changed yesterday when Shirley suddenly announced she broke up with Gregory at a public event she took part in and refused to give the reason. She expressed they had come to a consensus several months ago. It was said the situation had an inside story, several days ago when Shirley broke up with him, she had a face full of tears and told Gregory that a third party named Andy intervened in the relationship. She used the reason "a man cannot accept it" to cut the deal with Gregory. Gregory, who planned on marrying her all along, after hearing Shirley tell him the 'men most pain' reason, the relationship was a bolt from the blue (complete surprise), but as much as he was unwilling to accept, he still had to accept this no turning back result!

The third party is Andy, a middle school classmate of Shirley, Gregory knows him too and follows him on Weibo. It was understood that several days after the breakup Gregory still could not accept the fact, making the Lee family worried up and down for him that he might do something silly. His mom (former actress Si Ming) was so worried about her son that she fainted.

According to an insider, there was already a trace that Shirley would "leave" Gregory. Initially living with the Lee residence in Kowloon Tong, Shirley suddenly purhased her own place in Oscar by the Sea in Tseung Kwan O. Although she claimed she got it for her brother, she moved there for "long term living". In a week, Shirley only went back to the Lee residence once to stay overnight and the situation remained the same until two weeks ago. Also, Shirley still had her personal belongings at Gregory's house, so he had no idea prior that the breakup would occur. Reporters contacted Gregory to ask if Shirley really did use the reason of 'a man just can't accept' to break up with him? And how is he feeling now? Gregory said: "I still can't accept it, my emotions haven't recovered yet. I don't know what to say, and feeling emotionally confused. I will come out to explain later!"

No omen, father Ding Yeh blows up

Last night, at 7pm, Gregory appeared at TVB City to shoot The Boxing King with his father, TVB actor Lee Ka Ding (Ding Yeh). Gregory appeared expressionless, at first he was reluctant to accept interviews, but later admitted that he was surprised by the breakup: "I really don't understand why, we were fine all along. I haven't been able to contact Shirely at all today. The last time we talked was a few days ago and we were still boyfriend and girlfriend then." At this point Gregory started to tear up: "I really don't know what happened or why she had that decision? We been together for so long, both had contributions to this relationship." Then Gregory became very emotional and asked to end the interview there. Accompanying his son, Ding Yeh heard news of Shirley saying the parents already knew about it. Ding Yeh was instantly agitated, then blew up: "Is she crazy? I don't know what's going on, we were planning the marriage too. (Had an omen of breakup?) Where? Only dead people have an omen! Last week, she even had dinner with him. I just know my son had been unhappy for a few weeks, but I didn't know what was going on."

Unwilling to respond, involves 3rd party

As for Shirley, yesterday afternoon she announced the breakup with tears glowing in her eyes. The carefully dressed Shirley appeared calm, and strongly contrasted Gregory. She said: "I will not say the reason for breakup, there was consensus between us. (Do you still keep in touch?) We are still friends after breakup." As the breakup was announced months after the fact, she helplessly said: "I was still diluting the situation. (Whose problem was it that caused the breakup?) There is no right or wrong in love, we tried hard contributing in the relationship before, but it may not work, so eventually we made this decision. (Who brought it up?) We had consensus, I hope after I finish talking about it this time, that I won't be asked about it again." Later, reporters called Shirley again to asked if the breakup involves a third party? She said: "I will not respond, I already said what I had to today." It was said the third party is Andy. A few days ago, Andy made a high-profile announcement on Weibo: "The 11 year relationship finally has results. I will use all my efforts to love and care for her. I believe I can definitely give her happiness."

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