Anita Yuen tells Nicholas-Cecilia to mutually accept their faults

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Anita Yuen tells Nicholas-Cecilia to mutually accept their faults

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:05 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Anita Yuen tells Nicholas-Cecilia to mutually accept their faults

Anita Yuen attended a Star Shine Entertainment Company event and said she has a craving to act again, but she will not shoot a movie just for the sake of shooting a movie. The most important is the interest she has for the role and she'll have time to look after her son. When speaking of Cecilia Cheung often bringing her son Lucas to work? She said: "I am not good at school, although the score does not represent everything, but knowledge is still very important. I want my son to have the best learning environment and hope he can be able to learn how to communicate and get along with people." Anita said her son once been in a interest class with Lucas, and she often saw Lucas in school. However, her son was only in that class for a short period, later she doesn't know if Lucas was still in the class or not. She felt that every family has their own difficulties, communication between a married couple is a very large learning experience of its own. She hopes Nicholas-Cecilia can both think back to their happy moments and give each other a chance. If they just divorce like that, then it's a pity. Anita said: "The most miserable would be their children, also there is true love between them. (Nicholas said he didn't know how to go on?) I heard this and I felt so heartbroken for them, I hope they can just see the positive side of their partner and mutually accept one another faults."

Anita's husband Chilam Cheung attended a Metro Radio event yesterday. Asked about his wife's comment that a married couple has to learn how to get along with each other for life? Chilam agrees, he said he does not want to talk about other family issues, but will just send unlimited blessings to Nicholas-Cecilia.

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