Ron Ng injures his eyes, thought his eyeball was going to fall out

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Ron Ng injures his eyes, thought his eyeball was going to fall out

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:22 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ron Ng injures his eyes, thought his eyeball was going to fall out

Ron Ng was shooting action scenes for TVB new series ATF Terrorism earlier and injured the ligaments in his knee. Yesterday he was shooting for the series again in Sha Tin, he frankly said he has to go for physical therapy regularly: "In fact, before I already got hurt from dancing, now it's torn ligaments, anymore danger, then it's really going to be a broken knee. The soft tissue in my knee are also damaged, really hurts after standing for long. I have to be careful with the strength used."

Also, while shooting by the countryside for training scenes, Ron was injured again. He recalled the situation at that time: "I tied a wire on me to climb over the wooden stump to shoot a dangerous action scene. But when I was climbing, once I turned to the side, the railing went into my eye. At the time, I thought my eyeball fell out! Later, I immediately went to the French hospital, the doctor said the soft tissue in my eyeball was damaged, now it still hurts when I look around. I have to use eye drops and go back treatment."

Repeatedly injured, Ron joked that he has to do some worshiping, asked if he'll use stunts double in the future for dangerou camera angles? He insisted on personally doing the scenes himself, but the martial arts instructor knows he's hurt, so will accommodate as much as possible in the movements and camera angles. When speaking of older people get hurt more often, he laughed: "Yes! When we signed the contract, it was clearly said we will get Panda eyes, bags under the eyes and bad skin!"

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