Fala Chen's memorable Beauty Contest moment, defamed herself

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Fala Chen's memorable Beauty Contest moment, defamed herself

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:33 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Fala Chen's memorable Beauty Contest moment, defamed herself

Fala Chen and Sharon Chan arrived in Macau the other night as guests for the Miss Chinese New York Pageant advertising event. "Big Sister" Fala showed up at the event dressed elegantly. Towards the recent rumor that she 'kicked away' HotCha member Regen, Fala calmly said: "I already responded before, I will not respond to untrue reports anymore." However when speaking of beauty contests, she happily said: "That time I was really happy, most memorable was before I didn't know how to put on makeup, but I had to do it myself during the contest, now that I look back, I really feel ashamed!"

Showing off her long legs, 'Hot Legs Queen' Sharon Chan laughed: "The event organizers told me that I must show my legs, they didn't know I would show my waist too!" Asked if she heard about Fala's 'kick away' Regen rumor? She expressed: "I haven't read the news lately, I don't think so, she's great! (Has she complained to you before?) Of course not, we don't talk about untrue things."

Also, Sharon and Fala will start a new series East West Palace Strategy (東西宮略) in August. In the series, Sharon will be playing Ha Ying Chun, and Fala will play Chung Mo Yim. Sharon said she'll be watching Anita Mui and Mariane Chan's old productions for reference.

*TN: In legend, Ha Ying Chun (夏迎春) is known as the Beautiful Concubine, while Chung Mo Yim (鍾無艷) is known as Emperor Chai Suen's Ugly Empress. The Ugly Empress may not have the looks or won the Emperor's love, but she was very helpful to the country. The Beautiful Concubine, however, may have been very much loved by the Emperor, but her temptation distracted the Emperor from handling affairs in the country.

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