Uses old tactic to help girls, Moses Chan wants Aimee Chan to be lead actress in Lee Tim Sing's new series

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Uses old tactic to help girls, Moses Chan wants Aimee Chan to be lead actress in Lee Tim Sing's new series

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:36 am

Credit : Source: Next Magazine Issue #1114
Translated by: aZnangel @

Uses old tactic to help girls, Moses Chan wants Aimee Chan to be lead actress in Lee Tim Sing's new series

Since Aimee Chan pulled a relationship with Moses Chan, she relied on the 'Double Chan Love' to get her countless endorsements and public event appearance opportunities. Now she has become the winner on exposure rate among the FaDans.

Besides bringing more jobs and money earning opportunities for his girlfriend, Moses has also stepped up and on 'doing work' as well. In September he accepted golden producer Lee Tim Shing's new 30 episode pre-modern grand production series and spoke up asking Tim Gor to add Aimee to the cast, as the lead actress. Moses is helping his girlfriend grasp for opportunities and date while at work, but he's reusing the old tactic he used on Bernice Liu to ditch her!

Earlier Moses turned down TVB costume series Yuefu Hidden Dragon, at the time, he explained he was in the middle of preparing for his coffee shop opening, and cannot do two things at once. In fact, he and Aimee had just started, to focus on pursuing girls, even if it means he'll upset the producer, he'll disregard that.

Putting work on Hiatus for 3 months to cook up a new relationship, Moses and Aimee's relationship is currently stabled. Besides getting exposed eating out together in Tuen Mun, they often publicly flirt. Their relationship is gradually changing into something.

In September, Moses will start another series collaborating with golden producer Lee Tim Sing. Tim Gor's earlier two productions Rosy Business and No Regrets have won the TV ratings and the public praises, this time starting another 30 episode pre-modern series, TVB is giving it heavy investments.

A behind-the-scenes staff member that is participating in this series exposed: "Moses is really anticipating to work with Tim Gor. Earlier when he was discussing the story with Tim Gor, he really liked the script and said he must make room on his schedule to shoot this, but on one condition, he wanted Aimee Chan to be the lead actress. However, Tim Gor already set Maggie Cheung as the lead actress, so they had to arrange another role for Aimee that has a romantic storyline with Moses. Of course, there will be a decent amount of screen time."

Blessed the same way, Moses had always been skilled at making girls feel loved. Earlier when he was dating Bernice Liu, besides helping her improve on acting and Cantonese, he worked hard on referring his girlfriend to his acquainted producers.

A person that knows Moses said: "In the early stages of Moses relationship with Bernice, Moses always suggested Bernice to producers to be his co-star. Like Healing Hands 3 and Love Bond. Perhaps he can date while working, or maybe get up top together. Later, they earned money together as a couple team. There is no fear the tactics are old, this time Moses is using the same tactic on Aimee, we can start seeing the effects now!"

Suddenly making up top, in new series ATF Terrorism Aimee takes on the leading role and has more screen time than Yoyo Mung.

In 2006 after Miss Hong Kong, Aimee has been stuck in between second and third line FaDan. Until this March after she was exposed to have sparked with the "Good Deal" Moses, her reputation increased 10 times, getting more and more jobs.

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