Leo Ku signs HK$80 million 3 year EEG contract, levels off with Nicholas Tse

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Leo Ku signs HK$80 million 3 year EEG contract, levels off with Nicholas Tse

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:04 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Leo Ku signs HK$80 million 3 year EEG contract, levels off with Nicholas Tse

Since Leo Ku joined EEG in 2009, in just two years he released albums, filmed series, advertisements and public event performances. He has a mountain loaded with jobs, and has already actively earned HK$80 million, very proud achievements. It was said, although Leo still has over a year left in his EEG contract, the company does not want him in others' hands, so are holding on tight to this golden egg. Earlier, EEG already quickly discussed plans for contract renewal with Leo.

According to reliable sources, EEG offered the heavenly price of HK$80 million to Leo for a 3 year contract. This is on the same level as Nicholas Tse's 8 year contract for HK$300 million. It was said EEG promises to strongly promote Leo up for his 4th 'Most Popular Male Singer Award', in which he will catch up to 'Music Principal' Alan Tam's 4th consecutive Pop King award record.

Although there are still 5 more months until the music awards, each record company has already started planning to fully support their artists to get the awards. The battle for 'Most Popular Male and Female Singers' is heated and fierce. As the royalty issues between TVB and the Big 4 have not been settled, Leo has a great chance to win over his opponent Eason Chan, who has not been able to be in the battle even until today.

[Oriental Daily] contacted EEG executive Mani Fok to clarify. She admitted EEG successfully got Leo to renew his contract: "After Leo joined, he has helped EEG earned a lot of money, and won many awards. Before he had a medical condition in his waist bone, and was still willing to take a long hour bus ride to Mainland for work. So the boss (Albert Yeung) really loves him, later we will start a movie where he takes on as the leading actor. The budget is going to be HK$30 million at least, Derek Kwok will be the director."

Mani continued: "In mid-October, Leo will open a concert and this will be his first HK Coliseum Concert since he joined our company. EEG will invest about HK$10 million on the production, and do not hesitate to help him get a start to excell." Leo's AMAZING WORLD - WORLD TOUR CONCERT 2011 will start on October 7th. Leo personally came up with the idea of 'Amazing World' as the concept, HK Coliseum will turn into a theme park.

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