Sisters Tavia Yeung & Sharon Chan carry a difficult to drop burden of supporting the family

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Sisters Tavia Yeung & Sharon Chan carry a difficult to drop burden of supporting the family

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Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sisters Tavia Yeung & Sharon Chan carry a difficult to drop burden of supporting the family

Women that need to support the entire family is definitely not an easy thing to do. To give a better life to their families, even if exhausted, they cannot stop, but can only continue to endure on....Sharon Chan and Tavia Yeung are two single women in the their early 30s. By chance, they both have a family burden. Facing the entertainment circle's mechanistic work day and night, they once thought about saying no to their 'mercury lamp life', but after clear thought, they realize in fact they have already got into real trouble, and cannot just drive off!

Misery Loves Company, a warm pair of good sisters

Tavia: When I was shooting The W Files with you, I did not know you well, at the time I just knew you were Matt Yeung's girlfriend. Matt and I were in the same acting class, so I basically think of him as my little half brother. I know Matt is not well behaved in relationships, he's very much like a playboy and I don't by this. Later I chatted with you more and found out you were unhappy. The more we chatted the more we started to get closer.

Sharon: No need to say the rest. Me, Joel Chan, Claire Yiu and Christine Ng will always be there when we have gatherings. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries...we all have a good time, playing hard, there would be nothing we don't talk about, a lot is in the heart.

Tavia: Less for me, don't like to be going out everywhere because just too busy with work. Actually we don't always have to see each other, I like to talk on the phone and send messages more.

Sharon: It was last year that I had the strongest feeling, I felt I got even more closer to you because we were both sick at the same time, considered misery loves company. After recovery, I seem to not stress about things as much, cherish friendship more!

When a person is ill, they are the weakest, necessary for friends' concern....

Tavia: Why did I suddenly pay more attention to you? Although I don't always call you, one time I saw you on a TV programme and saw you were really swollen and had no spirit. I was terrified the more I thought about it, one late night I couldn't help but send a SMS to you and said I was feeling a little unwell myself, we are two good sisters, there's nothing to hide. But at the time, you were unwilling to tell me, just said you're in the hospital. My heart sank a bit, but felt that it was your personal life, if you wanted to tell me you would have, I didn't dare to ask. If you were hospitalized then it's probably serious, but I have been hospitalized for a short period myself, so I wanted to let you relax!

Sharon: I remember when I was discharged from the hospital, you all came over to visit me at my house, and I did tell you all what happened to me, didn't say it directly, but that time I had a strong feeling. I felt girls really shouldn't fight that hard, have to treasure our own bodies. You too, taking series after series, never stopped, health isn't doing well, girls should set out to find their own happiness, you can work, but give yourself time to rest.

Tavia: We haven't collaborated for 8 years, the recent series Return to the Three Kingdoms can be considered a series we filmed together, very happy. Actually in our group of friends, Kaka (Claire Yiu) and Miss Ng (Christine Ng) makes me feel like there's a high peak in front of me because when we're chatting together, we will forever be laughing. You girls talk and change the subject fast, there must be a person like that, if the whole stack of people are like that then it be very noisy.

Sharon: Although we are very noisy, when we gather together it is a big deal, gossip about everything.

Tavia: Do you think being sick is the time where people have the most feelings?

Sharon: Definitely, I never thought you were the one who would give me the most care. That time when I was sick, you called me and asked what I wanted to eat, in fact you didn't have time, you were like my boyfriend, I felt so warm. It was then I said this good sister of mines would sacrifice anything for a friend.

Tavia: I still remember we were Claire's bridesmaids, so happy then, we cried together and it was very touching. Each one of us asked when will it be your turn?

Sharon: Just thinking of us all getting married and having kids, I'll get happy because we had too many experiences together. In the past 10 years, we were all busy with our own things, but we were still connected in the heart, sometimes we miss each other too. Like that time when you had a hoarse voice, I was so worried. Maybe because when I'm sick, you feel it too. Facing the four walls in the hospital, I felt so useless that we middle-aged women are like this.

Encountering the right one, marry and have kids

Tavia: It is more like, pretty girls that are beyond the middle level.

Sharon: You may look strong on the surface, but inside your weak and fall ill easily. You have to give more love to yourself. Have you ever thought until what age you'll work until? Have you planned for your future?

Tavia: I hope one day, this profession will become my lifelong profession of interest, not because I want to earn money that I am in this profession. Right now it is the time to fight, I'm working nonstop because I want to earn more money. If one day I get married, I won't be like that anymore. Sometimes I do ask myself, if I'm not in this field, what else can I do? In fact, I really can't think of it, and don't have a plan.

Sharon: Do business! Weren't you doing business with your sister before?

Tavia: It is my sister that is doing it, I was responsible for giving the money, didn't participate in it at all. I wanted to give her something she can place hope on. My sister is married and has a baby, this profession won't be her lifelong career, I hope she'll have another career. I do hope that one day I'll meet the right one, marry and have kids, but I won't stop working. I want to have choices, choose whether or not to shoot a series because one day someone will call me a mother, Jessica Hsuan said on Weibo someone called her a mother, dies! In Fistful of Stances, I had 5 children!

Sharon: Nowadays, mothers are getting more youthful, like Kay Tse is younger now! Acting will get easier too, I tell you, having kids is nothing strange, it's not a shame.

Tavia: To us it is a good thing, can easily accept allowing others call you a mother.

Frustrated during down times, thought about changing professions

When entering frustration in life, naturally you want to give up on goals...

Sharon: When I was sick, I thought about switching into business because I really looked ugly, all swollen. I was thinking why am I making it so difficult for myself, but after recovery, I thought again how can I find another career that would make as much money as this one in such a short period, and one that gives such a great sense of accomplishment.

Tavia: I thought about crying to my manager and say I quit! What happened? I'm exhausted, people that are sick are weak, felt like I did gain a lot for working so long, but at the same time, I lost a lot. I see people walking on the streets so freely, sometimes I want to take a breath, but I feel its so cloudy.

Sharon: When was this?

Tavia: I don't remember, last time when I was sick, for a moment I felt like I fell apart because many things I couldn't control. I am not afraid that I can't be in this industry, but I was afraid I can't bring home money, lower income, and suddenly my family's life turns into a problem. It is impossible for me to tell my mom that we have to reduce everything now, I would feel really sorry to her.

Sharon: That's exactly the same as me, really pitiful.

Tavia: I know she doesn't mind at all, but I mind because my mom isn't working.

Sharon: Sometimes I think about being married with kids, like you won't have to work right, and can't give this back to my mom, that would make her unhappy.

Tavia: You'll have a husband!

Sharon: When you are sick, you will have a hundred thousand whys, and worries no matter what.

Tavia: When your not sick, you haven't fell before, you won't grow up, won't know how to cherish the things you have, you would feel it's all made for you.

Not adapted to interviews, just being herself

When someone is getting into a high position, of course they will feel really happy, but to a certain degree, you are gradually driving yourself into a dead end.

Tavia: Beyond the Realm of Conscience, that period many people were discussing and chasing after it. People that know me knows that I am not hard to get along with. But that time, I had some evilness come out, I will fight with you till the end, and became the media's enemy. I didn't like to be followed by them, I would get so impulsive, I brought myself to a dead end and a difficult situation. However that moment, I gave it all I got and didn't care. When I don't like to compromise, I don't compromise.

In fact, looking it at a different way, I never had been talked about by people before. That moment, I couldn't follow myself and couldn't handle so many cameras. Then a feeling that I didn't like would come out, I thought what about me that I need to be followed, I wanted to be myself. Of course I knew you were only followed because you were valuable enough to be on the news. I've been working in the industry for this long is because of this, but it turns out that I wasn't used to it, so I was just being myself, everything else was, I just hoped to make more money.

Sharon: You really need to look after your health more!

Tavia: My health is a lot worst than before, there is no definition of how much money is, there's always not enough, but how much talent I have on me, I want to use it all. Do my best, there is no saying no for us, TVB and the public will be giving you opportunities continuously, if you say no, then it'll be miserable for you!

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