Bosco Wong uses his appearance money to preorder new HK$800,000 Mercedes

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Bosco Wong uses his appearance money to preorder new HK$800,000 Mercedes

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:09 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong uses his appearance money to preorder new HK$800,000 Mercedes

Yesterday Bosco Wong and Fala Chen were guests for the opening ceremony of Mercedes Benz's new car. Bosco exposed he was appointed by girlfriend Myolie Wu to look at the car for her, the two caught their eyes on the all new SLK series sports car valued at HK$800,000. He said: "She has to work today, but told me to help her look at the car and see if it's really that good because we're prepared to preorder it. (A gift to her from you?) She makes so much money on her own, no need for me to give her one! (Any discounts?) I hope so, haven't discussed yet. Just now, I joked that they don't have to pay me, let me preorder first, go for a test drive, so I can have the car faster. (Is this you and Myolie's couple car?) No, she personally loves cars herself."

Asked if Bosco's afraid of convertible sport cars after his 'nude photo' incident? He claimed: "The sun roof on this car can turn into dark windows, on my days off I can open it. (Not afraid you'll get photographed without clothes on?) I won't be without clothes randomly. In fact, men can be topless. After I go swimming on the beach, I get in the car without having my shirt on properly too, but I do have my swim trunks on." He expressed he won't be changing or put on his clothes in the living room. Last time he was photographed in his bedroom, asked if he'll still be nude in his bedroom? He said: "I will now close the curtains first."

Also Fala reveals a few years ago, she bought a car for her mom. That was the first car she bought using her own money, and she has intentions to buy one for herself. She said: "I don't need my boyfriend to give me one, I can afford one myself. I like small two door cars, convenient for parking and feel that a two seater is already enough. I enjoy the freedom and privacy while driving because when my assistant picks me up and drops me off, it's not convenient."

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