One Day After Grandmother’s Funeral, Raymond Lam Went Clubbing and Hungrily Kissed Kibby Lau

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One Day After Grandmother’s Funeral, Raymond Lam Went Clubbing and Hungrily Kissed Kibby Lau

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:23 am

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Translated by: JayneStars

One Day After Grandmother’s Funeral, Raymond Lam Went Clubbing and Hungrily Kissed Kibby Lau

Due to Raymond Lam’s (林峰) ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan’s (潘霜霜) “revenge plan” in revealing their bed photos before the public, Raymond’s image was negatively impacted. Fortunately, this did not impact ticket sales in his July concert. To repay his fans’ support, Raymond tirelessly rehearsed for his concert, ultimately injuring his leg and gained sympathy points. Last Friday, on July 15th, Raymond appeared at his grandmother’s funeral in Hong Kong. The next evening, on Saturday, Raymond, his cousin, and friend went to a nightclub in Lan Kwan Fong to have fun.

At Volar nightclub, Raymond quickly claimed starlet, Kibby Lau (劉俐). After hugging her, Raymond kissed Libby before leaving. When the pair left Volar, they utilized the front and back doors separately.

Raymond’s wish was to win TVB’s Best Actor Award, while becoming the second Andy Lau (劉德華). Unfortunately his popularity and box office drawing power did not match. Among the movies that Raymond was the first lead, the box office sales were mediocre. Fortunately, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), favored Raymond dearly. Ms. Lok successfully negotiated a $300,000 (Yuan) deal for Raymond Lam to film five movies with producer, Raymond Wong (黃百鳴), Raymond Lam’s distance from Andy Lau was one step closer.

However, Raymond’s penchant for fondling women, going to nightclubs, and lying have not changed. In the earlier scandal with Mavis Pan, Raymond repeatedly assumed the position as a victim and retrieved 0.01 points for his image. However, Prince Lam did not change his ways. Earlier in July, Raymond revealed that he will “shut himself from outside influences” and concentrate on preparing for his concert. It turned out that this was another lie!

Risking Leg Injury by Dancing Excitedly at Volar

One day after crying at his grandmother’s funeral, Raymond arrived in a seven-passenger car at Volar nightclub in Lan Kwan Fong on Saturday night, July 16th. Raymond wore a cap and black-rimmed glasses and appeared as if “he would die if exposed to light.”

After entering Volar, Raymond’s spirits lifted. Eight of his male and female friends were awaiting him inside the nightclub. Quickly, the group ordered champagne and started drinking rounds happily together. Within half an hour, Raymond acted as if he were possessed and danced uninhibitedly on the dance floor. With his difficult dance moves, Raymond did not pay attention to his former leg injury. At this time, many females approached Raymond, but he was not attracted by any of the women.

While Raymond was dancing, 22-year-old Libby Lau–who made a guest appearance on the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest and was known as “Blueberry” in Beautiful Cooking <美女廚房>—closed in on him. After their eyes met flirtatiously, their bodies made contact. At the same time, Libby’s friend stepped forward to receive Raymond. Since a woman was willing to offer a “chest press,” of course Prince Lam did not say no!

When Libby stepped away to answer a phone call, Raymond appeared disappointed. At 4 AM, Libby returned and reuniting after a “long separation,” Raymond and Libby pressed their faces together similar to a couple in love. Holding their hands together, they chatted with their friends nearby. Finally, they kissed on the cheeks. Raymond brought Libby to an area near the back exit and pointed left and right. Libby nodded in understanding. The seven-passenger that dropped off Raymond at Volar was parked near the front entrance. Accompanied by a male friend, Libby left from the front entrance.

After paying for the bill, Raymond and his male friend sneakily left Volar via the back exit. When the reporter asked Raymond why he left through the rear exit, he blushed and did not respond. Taking advantage of the dispute that arose between his friend and the reporter, Raymond quickly left.

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