"Perverted" Kenneth Ma has his eyes on Tavia Yeung

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"Perverted" Kenneth Ma has his eyes on Tavia Yeung

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:27 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

"Perverted" Kenneth Ma has his eyes on Tavia Yeung

Kenneth Ma, Steven Ma, Natalie Tong, Evergreen Mak, Power Chan and the rest of the cast to Life and Times of an Sentinel attended the promotional event yesterday. Kenneth exposed that he's a perverted emperor in the series, especially to others' wives. He joked: "Yes, Natalie Tong is my wife, but I like someone else wife, Eliane Yiu. (In reality do you like wives of others too?) Yeah, wives of others are pretty good, but I'm just admiring, the good stuff are usually taken by people. (Who isn't married that you like?) Recently I've been liking Tavia Yeung because after Return to the Three Kingdoms, I'm shooting 36 Hours on Call with her again. (Tavia is very cool though?) I like to break the iceberg. (Doesn't she have a Light King boyfriend?) That rumor is over!" Looks like Kenneth knows considerately well about his female colleagues' love life.

In the series, Kenneth and Steven are the two male leads that fight for the throne, but in reality Kenneth is often guest starring in other series, so he doesn't have heavy screen time. He laughed: "Is it because the leading role is not too important. (Your too lazy to do it?) My guest roles are usually pretty fun, but I do have to make money, I'm craving for money! No money, how can I compete with others in fighting for the girls?"

Also, when Natalie was taking photos with Kenneth, she saw he was sweating and often helped him wipe the sweat off. She joked: "I'm just helping the person I like wipe away his sweat." Later she still helped out some more, clearly Kenneth has excellent fate with the girls.

As for Steven, he expressed frankly that he is happy the series is finally scheduled to broadcast during the prime time.

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