Ruco Chan finally makes a breakthrough depending on ‘The Other Truth’

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Ruco Chan finally makes a breakthrough depending on ‘The Other Truth’

Post by summer7879 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:05 am

Credit : Source: Next Magazine / Credit: HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ruco Chan finally makes a breakthrough depending on ‘The Other Truth’

Ruco Chan rises in popularity for his well mannered barrister role (Keith) in The Other Truth. The former might think he’s a newcomer, and the latter might recognize him as a former ATV actor, but just can’t think of the name.

Turning It Over

On cameras, Ruco Chan Jin Pang does not smile at all. He explains: "I'm always disguised with that look, turned into somewhat of an artist." After taking the photos, he puts away his ruthless expression and a smile emerges. Ruco's even politely told reporters to call him by his name 'Jin Pang' or maybe Pan. Although he's on vacation, he does not mind doing an interview, and go fully into work.

The Other Truth is doing well, and it is estimated that he'll get an award at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards. He calmly said he never thought about awards. "As a Hong Kong lead actor, you must be in a good role. If there is an award to get, it is actually limited to what role you portrayed." Revealing his muscles and meat on The Other Truth is absolutely a no way. The most intense time was when he was shooting an ATV travel special, he appeared nude in the hot spring. "When I was doing that travel special, I didn't want to express in the form of hosting, but instead I wanted to be the first to personally experience it, so why would I have a towel around me."

Ruco is someone worth thinking about, in fact he is not too picky because when he first entered the industry, things did not go smoothly for him. Since he was determined to go back into showbiz, he will have to lose a little in hope for bigger pay offs.

In 1994, Ruco was in TVB's acting class at age 17, then in 1996 he encountered So Tak Wah of Blue Jeans while singing at karaoke. So felt he had talent in singing, and signed him into PolyGram. He released 4 songs and has done promotions with Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai before. He was once said to be the successor of Daniel Chan and a young version of Andy Lau. As a newcomer, he won't be light as a feather! "Over 20 reporters were taking pictures constantly, at the time I was 20 years old, and was already very chok." However, PolyGram turned into Universal Music, the company gave up on him before he was able to release a full studio album.

Without TVB backing him up, everyone treats him like he’s invisible. “It feels like a 360 degree change, no one photographs you when you go out, hard feelings kills off many of your cells. You will definitely feel unhappy. There was a period of time where I feared going to functions.” Later Ruco filmed movies, TV series and even went so downhill and learned to be a renovation-construction worker. Finally when his feet got all swollen from stepping on a nail, he decided to quit. His career was floating around for 3-4 years. “At the time I was not practical, it was just my mother who gave me an okay looking outer appearance, can survive in this industry, but I had no direction or goal.” A normal person would have been gone long ago, but Ruco didn’t give up and insisted on continuing his development in this industry. In 2002, he joined ATV.

Didn’t say no

Not giving up, we believe is related to the fact that he is a member on the Table Tennis team. Since he was 13, he has been receiving Table Tennis training at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. It was only 5-6 years of training before he was able to be on the Table Tennis team representing Hong Kong. However, he does feel leaving the team was a wrong decision, so this time he won’t make the same mistake and hastily leave the entertainment circle. “At the time, there was some changes in the high executives, so even my coach had to retire early. I am quite cynical, then I told my coach that I’m not playing anymore. After 5-6 years, I saw my juniors getting the trophies, everyone that is a coach make a decent amount, and have their own home, then I ask myself why did I just give up like that, why was I not persistent. I put too much emotions into situations.”

So, this time he wanted to go back into the television business and start fresh, even if it was unlikable or villain roles, he gave it a try. “I entered the TV station, didn’t think about anything, just kept my head down and learned. 10 out of 10 of my roles were villains, more or less there will be a negative effect, but I won’t think about it, otherwise I can’t get into character.”

Sucks up to get up top

In 2008, Ruco returns to TVB and waited 3 years. Currently 34 years old, Ruco finally stands out depending on his role in The Other Truth. Is this considered the bad times are over, good times are here? Ruco: “I don’t feel so, I have many friends around me that are in this circle, and they’re just silently plowing along.”

Back then he couldn’t get popular, but today he successfully stands out. It was said he sucked up to the producer and even the PA, often going up to the 7th floor to ‘polish the Producer’s shoes’ (suck up) and treats tea to behind-the-scenes crew, he definitely has manners and knows what to do. “I didn’t ‘polish shoes’ deliberately, just since I was young, my Daddy taught me that I should be polite, if I don’t greet people, I get spanked. Slowly I got into this habit, my motto is respect my seniors, respect my generation and communicate more with the younger generation. We can learn a lot from young people of the 80s and 90s generation. Suck up or not? Did I go up to the 7th floor? In a month, I don’t know if I went up 2 or 3 times, but a person who treats everyone the same, could it be that’s how the nature of his character is really like?”

However, what the public is most concerned about is if he got on bad terms with Ron Ng because he wanted to make it up top? He said sleekly: “No, we work and eat together daily. No rumors means that you are not at the well-known mark, I am happy to have rumors, but I hope it doesn’t get out of hand that it hurts other people.”

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