Chris Lai denies dating & cohabiting rumors with Tavia Yeung, just having dinner

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Chris Lai denies dating & cohabiting rumors with Tavia Yeung, just having dinner

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:52 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chris Lai denies dating & cohabiting rumors with Tavia Yeung, just having dinner

Recently Tavia Yeung and Chris Lai were rumored secretly dating, cohabiting and sharing parking spaces. It was also said that Tavia is supporting Chris. Yesterday Chris was shooting TVB series ATF Terrorism in the hot weather with Ron Ng, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan, and Leanne Li. Towards the rumor that Tavia is supporting him, he denied: "Tavia and I are just good friends, I'm always having dinner over at her house and very familiar with her mom. One time I was even photographed on the streets accompanying her mom. We are like a family, not a couple. A man and woman does not necessary have to be dating! (You go up for breakfast?) Any photos? It's really not true, I did go up for dinner, and I don't have a guest card, it is Tavia who told someone to open the gates for me. Saying that we share the same parking space, in fact it is because Tavia's car is currently in the body shop, I'm just temporarily using the space since it is free. (Is there a possibility that you two will develop further?) It's hard to answer because we don't know if the relationship may be upgraded to lovers in the future, but work comes first. (Does Tavia's mom want you to pursue her daughter?) No, just told me to go have dinner and soup."

When asked about him often going to Tavia's house, is he worried he'll hinder a real pursuer of hers? Chris said: "I will know how to keep my distance." As for if he has a good feeling for Tavia? He did not deny: "Fate has not come yet, and we have been friends for so many years, in the meantime the relationship won't change."

Chris continues: "We have a series broadcasting this time, so just treat it as promotion. In fact since we collaborated in Heart of Greed, she often invites me over for dinner." Chris stressed that he is extremely good friends with Linda Chung and Fala Chen too, and if they invite him over for dinner, that's fine too.

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