Jessica Hsuan's 2 year relationship game over: "We have different values"

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Jessica Hsuan's 2 year relationship game over: "We have different values"

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:45 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Jessica Hsuan's 2 year relationship game over: "We have different values"

40 year old Jessica Hsuan started dating her South African boyfriend Ruan, 4 years her junior, in 2009. In public, Jessica appeared to have the same views with her boyfriend, both having things in common and are dog lovers. She had already thought of him as a marriage partner.

Jessica said frankly before she wanted to be like Lisa S. and Daniel Wu, getting married in South Africa and quickly have children. A week ago, she and her boyfriend went on a date to Hacken Lee's concert. At the time, the couple appeared very sweet. However, just when everyone thought she would announce it's time for her to get married, yesterday Jessica announces that she broke up with her boyfriend instead, very shocking.

Yesterday Jessica calmly told reporters her break up with her boyfriend is not something that happened over night: "I already used 2 years of time to observe, and realize that we both have very different values. If we don't work, then we shouldn't be together anymore. (Are you feeling unhappy?) Definitely, I'm getting older, breaking up is not such a big deal. I am still friends with him!"

Jessica and Ruan said goodbye, but are still friends. She reveals recently she has been keeping in touch with her first love, which makes people wonder if Jessica be like Karen Mok, and marry her first love. Jessica said: "Yeah? Really? That's pretty good! (Any chance of you and your first love getting back together?) He's already married and have kids! Living a pretty happy life!"

When asked if she has any pursuers? Jessica said: "Nope! Leave it to fate when it comes to relationships! I already handed it over to the heavens to arrange it for me, if it comes then it comes! I just came back to HK after finishing a Singapore series. I hope to see my group of friends first!"

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