Kenneth Ma Rarely Brings Women Home; Admits Liking Sharon Chan

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Kenneth Ma Rarely Brings Women Home; Admits Liking Sharon Chan

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Credit : Source: Orientaldaily
Translated by: JayneStars

Kenneth Ma Rarely Brings Women Home; Admits Liking Sharon Chan

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was regarded as one of the few good boys in the “toy chest” as he did not like to stay out at night. His favorite cartoon character was Donald Duck. The first woman he brought home to meet his parents was Sharon Chan (陳敏之), shocking his parents to think that Kenneth had fallen in love!

Kenneth admitted that he was interested in Sharon in the past. Since his career was not established, he was afraid to pursue her. Unfortunately, Sharon was currently dating and Kenneth felt that he was unable to fight with her boyfriend!

S= Sharon Chan; K= Kenneth Ma

S= In Dream of Colors "下一站彩虹", you portrayed my boyfriend. I gave my first onscreen kiss to you!

K= That was not my first onscreen kiss though! I felt you were very beautiful then! That’s because I love long legs. I’m telling the truth!

S= I thought you like petite women?

K= That’s not true; I also love long legs. (Does rumored girlfriend, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), possess beautiful legs?) Nancy’s legs are not beautiful, ha ha! Since you are a loyal friend, then you’re beautiful! You are willing to help friends and also helped me too!

S= Which incident are you referring to?

K= When we are working together, you will help your partner arrange everything. When we were performing in mainland together, my cell phone did not have roaming. You immediately called and helped me with the situation. In the past, whenever I went to mainland, no one can find me. You often scolded me…. Since you are so detail-oriented, you are definitely a good wife!

Lacking Trendy Items; Too Old-Fashioned

S= Yes! I am not that nice towards everyone. Thank you [for the compliment]!

K= We only worked on two or three series together, but we are good friends. When you have problems with your car or when you don’t know about a matter, you will ask me. I will ask you about female-related matters. I overlook minor details. However, we have common topics to talk about. When I watch your series sometimes, I will share my opinion about your performance.

S= That time we took a 45-minute car ride to the airport, I took care of your cell phone roaming problem. You asked why do earth people need roaming and said that no one was looking for you. It was really funny! I was happy to help you fix the problem. Feel assured that you will become more like me when we spend more time together!

K= I am too old-fashioned; I don’t even own an iPhone!

S= Forget about it! You can not take one step to the sky. So in your mind, am I a good girl?

K= Absolutely! You were supporting your entire family by yourself! You injured your neck while filming Can’t Buy Me Love "公主嫁到". Despite the pain, you did not complain. I felt your pain. You bought a house by yourself. I told you to not work anymore; I will support you!

S= Hey, you said the same thing to many women!

K= You’re wrong! Strictly speaking, I only said this to you only!

Kenneth Is A Loyal Man And Hot Property!

S= Really? Then you are a loyal friend. One time, I said that I do not have money to buy a car and asked you to borrow money. You said you will take care of me, so you will have to buy it for me! You were really serious about the matter. I was only joking and said I had no money, asking to borrowing over $100,000 HKD from you. At first, you asked me to stop joking. When you thought I was serious, you were ready to give me the money. I felt very sweet and wanted to cry at the time. You are truly a hot property! (Beating even Moses Chan?) You definitely have the qualifications to compete! Although you have a car, you would rather take the train. Maybe you wanted to save on gas money!

K= My family lives in Causeway Bay. Taking the train is more convenient. I am a practical person, so I will be a good husband!

S= In the past, I asked you to give many gifts, such as on birthdays. It is not a materialistic matter. I remember that you gave me a lot of Winnie the Pooh gifts. To-date, the gifts are wrapped very carefully. They are very precious! Well I also gave you a gift, such as the Tiger charm in your car.

K= At the time, you said that a black car was very hateful. You said the red tiger will balance the luck. So far, I have not had any accidents! When I went to mainland and were concerned that I would be bored, you gave me a Tiger toy. I still have it by my bedside.

Kenneth: “My Mother Has to Approve My Girlfriend!”

S= I wanted to ask you for a long time; why are you not dating yet?

K= I have not encountered [the right person yet]! I’m too busy! Recently, I have been filming a lot of series and only sleep two hours each day.

S= Did you not encounter a woman that you are willing to sacrifice for? I think you are a person who doesn’t really know how to date.

K= You can say that. All along, I have only dated 3 or 4 times. I am really boring and only know how to play soccer.

S= I am very active; that’s why we are not together.

K= I love staying at home.

S= When you are home, you have to play with me. You have to pretend to be low-level!

K= I play dolls too! I like Donald Duck, so you can play Winnie the Pooh! That’s okay. Actually, my heart fell for you in the past! It’s the truth… because you are a really good person. At the time, I was afraid to pursue you. I was not established; it’s obvious how much money I was making. My father had retired, so how can I think about dating? I am the kind of man who will think about the future while dating.

S= So when you are ready to get married, you will pursue me?

K= It’s hard to compete now! You already have a boyfriend.

S= When I break up, I will call you. I am afraid that by then, you will be dating already. You take too much time regarding love-related matters. You can not force these matters. You need a cheerful girlfriend. The biggest problem is that your mother must approve your girlfriend.

K= It’s the same for you.

S= You place your mother first. I fall in love first and then consider it. I am more rebellious. If my mother thinks he is mediocre, I will ask her to leave the matter alone. But you will not act in this manner!

K= As per the the most old-fashioned saying, “You can choose your wife, but not who your mother is!” My mother is very open-minded. If my mother has a problem with the woman, then there is a real problem!

S= All along, I may have been the only woman who met your mother since I went to your house. After the promotional event that time, we went to see a movie.

K= Since your make-up was very thick at the time, so you came to my house to remove the make-up before going to the movies.

S= When I entered your home, your mother, father, and elder sister acted very shocked. I said I came to use the bathroom. There was a very funny story. When I left the bathroom, your father was reading the newspaper, but it was turned upside down! Obviously, he was only pretending to read it. I bit back my laughter. From this incident, I knew that you rarely bring women home!

K= To tell the truth, you were the first one. I do not bring women home.

S= Maybe your mother thought we were dating, ha ha! Your mother must be very important to you. When we were filming Dreams of Color, your wallet had a turtle on it. I said that the wallet was very ugly and asked whether you would replace it. You anxiously said that you could not do so because your mother bought the wallet. You treated the turtle as if it were alive! Years later, you still kept the turtle wallet. Your watch has remained the same. You are truly filial…. If I were to break up, I will call you to marry me. I have no more time left to have kids; how will I help you give birth to little Donald Ducks?

S= Recently, you give me the impression that you are often flirting with girls. Did you become more open-minded?

K= During filming, veterans advised that I should not only focus on acting out my role well. I need to also make the filming climate enjoyable and the final results will be better! That’s why I will often praise the women as beautiful!

Friends for Life

S= When I do not know how to portray a role, I will bring my script and ask you to analyze it for me. In TVB, no one else will help me in this manner.

K= If I were to encounter the same problem, you will help me too. For example, when I played a flirtatious character, I will ask whether you have this type of friend. We will help each other out.

S= Fortunately we had the experience. It fortunate to be friends already.

K= I feel that we will always be friends.

S= I am very happy that you are leading series now. When you received the Most Improved Male Artist Award, I almost cried. My tears rushed forth. I wanted to give you a big hug, but was afraid other people may beat me up. Perhaps you would have done the same. We have both endured for so long. You entered the industry a year earlier than I did. I am very happy for your success. Many people like you!

S= Have you thought about acting for the rest of your life? Have you ever thought about leaving the entertainment industry?

K= I never felt that frustrated before. I am considered to be lucky. I played cameo roles for three years. To-date, I still love acting. If I were to quit, I will go play soccer! But I will not be able to earn money; maybe I will marry you instead!

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