“Lives of Omission” Synopsis; Laughing Gor Battles Bosco Wong!

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“Lives of Omission” Synopsis; Laughing Gor Battles Bosco Wong!

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:59 am

Credit :Source: Ming Pao
Translated by: JayneStars

“Lives of Omission” Synopsis; Laughing Gor Battles Bosco Wong!

Lives of Omission will be airing in Hong Kong on August 1, 2011 at 9:30 PM.

The character, “Laughing Gor” from E.U. "潛行狙擊" catapulted Michael Tse (謝天華) to fame and money. His popularity among netizens helped resurrect Laughing Gor back to life, even bringing him to the big screen in film, Turning Point "Laughing Gor之變節". In Lives of Omission "潛行狙擊", Laughing Gor will be pulled between the police and mafia world.

After completing his undercover assignment, Laughing Gor returned to the police department to train new cadets. To help achieve justice, Laughing Gor once again infiltrates the mafia world as an undercover police officer and share a battle of wits with “Cripple Co,” portrayed by Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). The ensuing drama makes it difficult to differentiate between good and evil.

Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui’s Love-And-Hate Relationship

A departure from his normal roles, Bosco Wong will portray a villain in Lives of Omission. Due to his standout role, Bosco and Michael Tse will have a lot of sparks onscreen. During the filming, rumors claimed that Bosco’s onscreen time was increased and stole the limelight away from Michael. Bosco may have a breakout role in Lives of Omission.

Bosco’s character, So Sing Pak, joined the mafia due to depraved circumstances at home. Since he shined in the underground world, a jealous triad member injured Bosco’s leg and framed him, sending him to jail. As a result, he was nicknamed “Cripple Co.” Bosco and Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) lawyer character, Yiu Ho Ho, knew each other from childhood. The couple share a complicated on-again-off-again relationship. To climb to the top, Kate was willing to let go of Bosco. Their relationship was marked by love and hate and lacked mutual trust.

Returning to the police department as an instructor, Michael trained a new generation of undercover police officers. Michael met the street-smart gangster, Bosco. The pair develop a police and informer relationship. Working together under many circumstances, they treated each other like brothers. However, the cunning Bosco only wanted to use Michael to help him become the triad leader. In addition, Bosco discovered Police Chief, Damien Lau’s ((劉松仁) weakness and used him to accomplish his goals.

Michael Tse and Fala Chen’s Love Relationship

Chow Mong Ching, portrayed by Fala Chen (陳法拉), resembled Michael’s ex-girlfriend. Due to work, Fala and Michael fall in love. However, they often feel that their superior-subordinate in the police department comes between their relationship. As a result, they have frequent conflicts and their love is tested. Fala and Police Chief, Damien Lau, feel that Michael’s personality was not suitable for law enforcement duties.

When Bosco sacrificed the life of Michael’s colleague, Michael was unafraid to take the risk of a new undercover assignment to infiltrate the mafia world. Danger awaits….

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