Kathy Chow drags 8 years not wanting to be a mother

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Kathy Chow drags 8 years not wanting to be a mother

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:13 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Kathy Chow drags 8 years not wanting to be a mother

All along, Kathy Chow had a gentle and refined image, earlier she took part in Frankie Chan's new film The Lady Generals of Yang Family and then she did a photo shoot for a new set of undergarment ads. Kathy puts on a set of sexy undergarments and is accompanied by an antique background, creating a very stylish effect. Kathy said she and the advertising company collaborated for a period of time already, so she has chemistry with them. Kathy rarely does sexy advertisements, but this time it is an exception because she was touched by the company's sincerity, so she agreed to be their spokesperson for a two year period. Kathy said directly there was a slimming company earlier that offered her 7 figures to shoot an ad for them, but because she didn't want to accept it, the collaboration did happen. As we can see, Kathy has high expectations on her jobs.

In 2004, Kathy decided to move over to Beijing, and maintained a stabled relationship with her boyfriend for 8 years. Towards the recent trend of female stars 'suddenly' announcing their marriage, Kathy has no intention to follow and currently does not have plans for marriage. Asked if her boyfriend has been impatient and proposed to her? She smiled: "Yes, many times, but I still don't think it's the right time or perhaps I'm still not matured yet! (Not worried about problems with having children?) Not worried because I don't plan to have any children. I don't want to be an aged pregnant mother."

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