Shirley Yeung & Sharon Chan the sexiest, Tavia Yeung loses out

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Shirley Yeung & Sharon Chan the sexiest, Tavia Yeung loses out

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:17 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Shirley Yeung & Sharon Chan the sexiest, Tavia Yeung loses out

Tack Fat Group International Limited hosted their 928 Reborn Resumption of Trading Ceremony inviting 8 TVB FaDan and Siu Sangs to celebrate with them, making it a star-studded event. Sharon Chan, Shirley Yeung, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Selena Li, Joe Ma, Kenneth Ma and Kenny Wong took part in the celebration yesterday in North Point. 'Hot Legs Goddess' Sharon stole the limelight by pushing up her career line and showed off her back and long legs. Shirley wasn't bad either, revealing an outstanding body figure while she did a cooking demonstration. As for Tavia, she couldn't compare to them in her reserved outfit and became the big loser.

Can't compare to Shirley and Sharon in sexiness, Tavia laughed: "I've never been sexy. (How is the appearance money looking this time?) When inviting TVB artists, of course need to spend some money, but TVB doesn't charge too much, it is reasonable. Also, today is a big reborn event, must respect the occasion." Tavia said it is not every occasion that there is a need to appear sexy, the most important is dress appropriately for the occasion.

Tavia claimed she knows how to cook Chinese dishes, when asked if she'll cook something up for rumored boyfriend Chris Lai? She said: "He likes my mom's cooking more. (Following the mother-in-law policy?) No, eating with us as friend. (He can 'enter the house'?) Well we are really good friends. (How is your mom's impression on him?) She feels he's a well-behaved boy."

Shirley was asked if it's because she is getting a generous appearance money that she's dressed so sexily? She said: "I'm just respecting the occasion." Reporters teased that she's giving her life for the occasion, she said: "The dress is mines, simply tailored." Did she purposely push up her chest for a better looking body figure? She expressed it's just because of the tight fitting of the dress that created such effect. She said: "I'm not deliberately trying to be sexy, just respecting the occasion and celebrating this company's grand event. The weather is so hot, need to be a little more revealing, it's just because the back is more open, so you all feel it's sexy." It was said she was a feast to the eyes during the games? She said: "The oil was splatting everywhere, I had to dodge by jumping like a live shrimp." Reporters asked if she's usually that sexy when she's cooking? She said: "I usually can't see myself, thank you all for the praises. (Cook for your boyfriend?) Rarely, usually I just go out to eat myself." Shirley said her boyfriend is not good at investment, but when reporters asked if she got a new haircut for a new hope after a disastrous period? She smiled: "I will be happier."

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