Ron Ng: We were a couple on day one

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Ron Ng: We were a couple on day one

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Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ron Ng: We were a couple on day one

Not long ago Ron Ng and Kate Tsui were rumored dating, but they each have other rumors on their own, and may easily be even more brilliant than their actual acting performances! Still, the two do not avoid flirting with one another and having great chemistry together. In each of their collaborations, Ron and Kate feel very comfortable.

Does not avoid flattering each other

Ron and Kate are continuously working with each other, both believe their counterparts are good actors and do not avoid flattering each other.

KATE: In 2004 when I was running for Miss HK, TVB arranged you and me as dance partners, but at the time you were very busy, didn't have much time to rehearse. We never chatted, but I did remind you of the dance routine, you know I was very nervous, so I pulled you to rehearse a few more times with me!

RON: I still remember we did social dancing, just had a few steps, and you even memorized them for me. Later you told me how the steps are like, how this and that would look better. However, it wasn't until 2005's The Brink of Law that I truly met you.

KATE: That was the first collaboration with you. My first series was La Femme Desperado, before I had some guest roles too.

RON: Well I have paid attention to you in between too, you are destined to be in this field. Artists must understand what the director wants, just tell you a few times and you'll be able to give what the director wanted.

KATE: In fact I'm still trying to adapt, it's quite difficult! I was so confused when shooting in the first few years, but you are a co-star that can easily drive me into character.

RON: Well I do see you are slowly improving, it's OK as long as the outcome is natural. The most important is using true feelings to express yourself.

KATE: We worked on so many series together, which one was the happiest for you?

RON: Wax and Wane because we started out dating already.

KATE: This series was indeed pretty comfortable, it's rare that a series starts out with a pair already dating. I already knew you well too, and had many more opportunities for scenes together. The story was just about misunderstandings, many scenes to act out and had to have better understanding. It was like getting to know a friend, even more helpless, hahaha! Actually, collaborating with you is very enjoyable and comfortable. Then am I the most comfortable co-star you worked with?

RON: Of course it's the most comfortable when you sit next to me! Honestly in TVB, I had the most collaborations with you, so naturally we'll have chemistry, it's just like we were a couple since day one!

KATE: I always get influenced by you, I never know what your talking about, take me in circles! When I'm working with you, I always get influenced, and don't know what I'm doing!

RON: Yeah right, you are so good with emotional scenes!

KATE: Because I'm afraid I'll slow you down from getting off work. You try if we're not in the same series, how would that be like?! Many times the one closest will be the most comfortable, no need to waste time trying to figure things out. Artists' chemistry requires time to develop, most important is audience accepts. There are jobs now that are asking us to be together, specials especially books us together too.

Rumors are just for laughs

RON: I have always had a lot of rumors, basically I have a whole list! (Which one was the funniest?) Sire Ma! We never kept in touch, it is a rumor that will never happened, that happened! (What can you do?) Just treat it as promotion! But, there were some I collaborated with that I was never rumored with, that is Joey Yung. The magazines never wrote anything about us, and I think Elanne Kong too.

KATE: I don't have that many rumored boyfriends! (Giving you a car?) It's just rumors, everything is fake, very fake! Like with Matthew Ko because at the time we had the same manager, just treat as promotions, so there was everything...gossips. At first, I was unhappy because I feared this would affect my work, how fans and audience would think. I really minded and got into it. However, it is overtime that I started feeling it's worthless to let rumors affect work. Now it's fine, sometimes it's still unfair, the ridiculous kind.

RON: Which one was ridiculous?

KATE: It was the one that said I got 'kept' (畀人包 or being a mistress) I was really unhappy. At the time, my responses were the most intense because it was just way too over my limit. It was totally an impact to my dignity and reputation! Usually when we are shooting a series, everyone knows what's going on, but I will not accept this type of thing, nor will I do that!

RON: Actually some magazine felt we were awkward, but I think we can still take pictures even after being rumored, it is better to be generous. How about you? Back then, you had some rumors with Leon Lai, what was that about?

KATE: We were just shooting an Ad! At the time I just entered the industry and was still a Miss HK. It was rumored that Mr. Lai bought me a car!

RON: Wah! Just one Ad got you a car?

KATE: I did earn money, but cars you can just pay it off by monthly payments! That time when I saw Mr. Lai, I was just the type that adores him, and thought our distance was far because he was my idol since youth, I felt like nothing. I just felt so strange that I could collaborate with him. In fact, he doesn't do much, he will teach you and chat with you. He won't try to make you feel like the things he says is so profound. Just normal chats. (Won't ask him questions?) No, just so deep, he is personally very charming and has status, but his words are deep, so people don't understand.

RON: Eat breakfast on an empty stomach...haha! Perhaps our IQs are too low, then have you seen Mr. Lai after the rumor?

KATE: When I see him at work, we say hi. It's not a problem!

Kate's mole is the most attractive

In the public eye, Kate's pair of electrifying eyes are a killer. Does Ron think so too?

RON: I think you have an electrifying...mole, so usually I don't look at your eyes, just that mole. This mole is the reason why I look at you!

KATE: I don't think so, I always feel I'm like a tomboy. In fact, I don't quite understand myself, very confused and slow to warm up. I don't know how to carry myself, it is the friends I knew for a long time that tell me how I am.

RON: I always felt you are very much like a lady, getting more and more like a girl and have taste. I remember when we were shooting On the First Beat, you were a tomboy. Now looking more at pair of electrifying eyes is totally a killer.

KATE: I don't even know this myself, is this actually true?

RON: When you're working, you look very strong. Others might think you're a tomboy, but you are very whinny to the people you know well, and reveal the girl side of you. It's a good thing. When you're working, you have your own image. Well, you are basically a girl after all. Collaborating in so many series with you and always working together, I see you are yourself when you are with the staff or colleagues you are familiar with.

Support family and abandon career

Although both Ron and Kate love their acting careers, but nothing good last forever. The two has thought about other paths before.

KATE: Have you thought about how many more years to give yourself? Have you been discouraged and felt like leaving the industry before?

RON: Why won't I be in this industry? Even if I stay all my life in TVB, they may not want me! Perhaps I'll do production work, maybe a camera man.

KATE: Today, I enjoy acting, I like performing. You tell me to suddenly stop working, it's gonna be very difficult. I haven't thought about anything else. Before when I get exhausted from work, I would feel unhappy, but not to the point that I want to leave. If I'm not in this industry anymore, I think I'll be a student again, that is my dream or maybe see if I'm going to be married, meet a good guy and marry, that's OK too. I am willing to give up my career for a family.

RON: This generation, girls will do that. They want to have a happy family more than a career, very superficial.

KATE: A family is very important, in the future I will respect my other half, hope to spend more time with family. When people get older, they start feeling the importance of a family because no matter what, there will always be someone supporting you in the back.

RON: Then will you have children?

KATE: Never thought of that!

RON: I will, but are there babies that don't cry? Many of my friends have kids already, I see them both helpless and happy at the same time. I will have to really think carefully about it. When I'm married, will I have children? As my sister's daughter gets older, I watch my sister so helpless and troubled. However, it is really happy to have a baby, I didn't like babies before, but now I changed. The only thing I can't accept is getting married while being pregnant and I also want to have a daughter first.

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