Selena turns hobby into profession

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Selena turns hobby into profession

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:13 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Selena turns hobby into profession

TVB fandan, Selena Li is a beauty perfectionist. With love with experimenting with different makeup styles, Selena turned her hobby into a money making profession in April.

Selena invested 10 million Hong Kong dollars into a makeup school business over a year ago. According to Selena, the business has already paid back her invested amount but she did not disclose on her return. She expressed: “This industry is very competitive. There are many makeup schools around. Even sponsorships are tough to get and many even pay their sponsors.”

Recently Selena is very busy with filming. Her usual way of communication with the makeup management team is by phone or email. As the boss, she admits it is hard work and a challenge to managing the staff and ensuring staff’s responsibilities and loyalty with the school. She highlighted: “I very much value my staff. Once a month, I make time to take them to dinner and discuss openly about any issues and management agendas.” Being an artist, Selena thinks there are good and bad points. She revealed: “People only register with the school because they heard other artists been here which is good for business. Some people use this to turn minor hitches into big issues and blame me for it. So I cannot make any mistakes.”

When asked if management is difficult, Selena expressed that initially they allowed students to use however much of the school’s cosmetics and were all provided with designer make up. She added: “There were used up so quickly and lots were wasted. I had a heartache, so now we are providing each student with a set of makeup kit each. Any others, they will have to buy.”

Selena expressed that she would like to start teaching and open a DIY makeup class at the school. She added: “Every artist has praised me for the makeup I did. I also did some YouTube videos, but I would not charge over the odds just because i am an artist.”

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