Mandy Wong learns to be an AV girl posing lustfully

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Mandy Wong learns to be an AV girl posing lustfully

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:58 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Mandy Wong learns to be an AV girl posing lustfully

In TVB new series Lives of Omission, Mandy Wong plays one of the undercovers. Besides having scenes with Derek Kwok, MC Jin and Michael Tse, she also has many scenes where she's madly running on the streets. Shooting in the blistering hot weather, it was extremely difficult.

When speaking of her deepest impression, her undercover scene can be considered as one. Mandy said: "Because I have several different looks, disguised as a prostitute, Miss Sexy, school girl and 3 to 4 other ones, I had to wear short skirts and the clothing were all falling off my shoulders. I don't have much experience in this aspect either, so I went to learn poses on the AV websites. I even had the photos saved on my phone, whenever I have time I would take them out to look at and learn some of the poses." She exposed that until this day, those photos are still in her phone. She's worried that she might carelessly let others see them and could misunderstand at anytime that she has some sort of addiction.

It is Mandy's first time collaborating with MC Jin and she already has a relationship line with him. She shouted that it was fun: "At first I was worried that we had take some time before we could get into character, but surprisingly, once we came together, we got along very well. The stress level went down a lot, maybe because he came back from overseas and has a different personality. He's very fun, a very good co-star. Sometimes we talk about the scenes together, there's not many differences, made me so relaxed even when shooting affectionate scenes."

Currently busy shooting for new series 36 Hours On Call, Mandy plays a doctor this time and will be involved in a love triangle with Tavia Yeung and Him Law.

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