Joel Chan does not dare to think about marrying Florinda Ho

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Joel Chan does not dare to think about marrying Florinda Ho

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:56 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Joel Chan does not dare to think about marrying Florinda Ho

Macau Gambling King Stanley Ho's daughter Florinda Ho admitted that she is dating Joel Chan in [Oriental Daily]'s exclusive interview the other day. Yesterday Joel accepts an exclusive interview and recounts his dinner with The Gambling King.

J - Joel Chan ; R - Reporter

R: After Florinda announced your relationship with her, did many people come congratulate you?

J: It is too many people calling me, so I didn't answer the calls because I'm just too tired.

R: Last night, was it your first time having dinner with The Gambling King (Florinda Ho's father, Stanley Ho)?

J: It is my first time, but in fact I have met him before. That time I was at Mr. Ho's residence, we just said said hi and met, but this is the first time we had dinner, so I was very nervous.

R: You and the Gambling King never chatted before?

J: Yes, he's a great person.

R: Has the Gambling King asked you to love Florinda more?

J: He didn't mention, but he did ask me about my work, and before he watched me play the Emperor in Relic of an Emissary.

R: The Gambling King praised you did well?

J: (Smiles Happily) He didn't say it, but he did ask how old the Emperor was.

R: What else did you guys chat about?

J: Later we took some pictures, Mr. Ho had to rest and I didn't want to disturb him.

Had consensus to announce relationship

R: His 3rd Wife (Ina Chan) was also your second time meeting her?

J: Yes.

R: Some of the media are saying 3rd Wife doesn't like you?

J: It's just a rumor! Auntie told me to go have dinner with them, so you know right there that the rumor is not true.

R: Florinda announced your relationship with her, are you relieved?

J: Not about that, we are truly dating, didn't want that to affect too many people. We both discussed on announcing the relationship, her family gave their suggestions too and we were all OK first before we announced.

R: The public said you are going to be the Gambling King's future son-in-law, how do you feel about this?

J: Don't say that, just dating! It's just romance, a relationship, we are all exaggerating this. Dating is just dating, not going to think too much! I am just thinking about work now, later I'll be participating in Tim Gor (Lee Tim Shing) new series, and I have to tidy up my emotions, so I can look at the script later.

R: Any commitments you have for Florinda?

J: The greatest commitment is focusing on work, my career comes first and to treat her well.

R: The public is often comparing you and Florinda's social status, describing the relationship as 'the woman in honor, the man inferior'. What do you think?

J: There are a lot of different voices in the public, some congratulate us, some oppose us. We were already prepared for that, we will not care about it! I'm single and she's single, everyone knew we had different backgrounds, if we are together, we won't care about those things.

R: Have you thought of marrying Florinda?

J: (smiles) We are not going to think about marriage now, currently just dating.

Gambling King knows about divorce

R: You were divorced before, will this be a barrier to your relationship?

J: Things that happened before is the past, each individual has their own different past, this is a new start.

R: The Gambling King and his wife knows about your divorce?

J: They should know, the reports have written about it. Also, Florinda told them, but I didn't get involved. I don't want my past to affect anything.

R: Do you have confidence to develop with Florinda?

J: We just started, give us some space and time to think about it and get to know each other more. I do have confidence, but I hope to enjoy a comfortable and normal dating life, have dinner and go to the movies.

R: You will have to start a new series in September, when you have to work, will you neglect your girlfriend?

J: No, she understands I have work, she will be used to it.

R: Did you two set a rule that there must be a certain amount of phone calls and SMS each day?

J: Nothing special, just started dating, so there must be phone calls and SMS, very natural.

Admits his girlfriend was hard to pursue

R: Actually how did you pursue Florinda?

J: (Happily smiles) Ha! Can I not say? It wasn't deliberate.

R: Was Florinda hard to pursue?

J: Hard, why wouldn't she be hard? If she's not hard, then that be frightening.

R: What did you do to pursue her? Give her flowers?

J: Every girl likes flowers! Did stuff that made her happy!

R: Is it easy to make Florinda happy?

J: Hard! You have to guess! Usually when she says something, she might leave out a few words. You have to pay attention to what she likes.

R: Then what does Florinda like?

J: She likes anything.

R: Does Florinda like your ideas?

J: Yes, we both like fashion.

R: What kind of gifts have you given Florinda?

J: Earrings and necklaces.

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