Bosco Wong a sweet talker, madly pranks Kate Tsui

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Bosco Wong a sweet talker, madly pranks Kate Tsui

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:00 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong a sweet talker, madly pranks Kate Tsui

BOSCO: My first series with you is 2005's pre-modern series The Price of Greed, that time I saw how miserable you were. You were already shooting day and night for the series, and you still had to work on the film Eye in the Sky. I remember your role in Price was difficult too, always having to collapse, be a little crazy and had crying scenes. However, you couldn't get yourself crying, so I came over yelling at you. I asked you if you knew you were stopping me from getting off work. I told you to hurry up, but in fact you knew I was just trying to help you.

KATE: Thank you lor! It's a lot better to have such a good co-star when you are working with a difficult role. Aside from always helping me in the series, you also taught me a lot about acting off-screen.

BOSCO: I was considered to have been in the industry for some years already. Sometimes you seem like you didn't know how to handle some things. I don't dare to say I'm teaching, just have slightly more experience!

KATE: Which means you are a senior in this industry! Later, there was a long period of time that we didn't collaborate, but in between there were some annual dinners and sales presentations dance performances.

BOSCO: That time was the most miserable times for us both because we were shooting a ridiculously amount of series, so exhausting and had no time to rehearse. We just rehearsed maybe two times before we went on stage. Actually that time I was frustrated, thinking in my heart, what do you want me to do? It's better now, I am more laid back about it. I don't know if you noticed, but before if I didn't like something, I would speak up.

KATE: I feel every young person is like that.

BOSCO: There's that ring of fire inside! But now that fire is burnt out!

KATE: Actually it's just in a different area, and you know how to control it better. I remember when I worked with you in Don Juan De Mercado, we had a storyline. We played crazily with Louis Yuen and Wong Cho Lam. The subject was relaxed and recently we play a couple in Lives of Omission, what do you think has changed?

BOSCO: I think there are some similarilities in our personalities.

KATE: Usually people don't like it when someone is similar to you. On my first day of work, I started a month later than you all because I was shooting another series. Do you remember I asked you why they must cast me? Shooting two series simotaneously is very difficult, I felt unhappy, but didn't want to burden you all and didn't want to ruin the outcome of the character.

BOSCO: I told you that aside from you, no one else could handle that role.

KATE: That moment, you seem to have really tried to boost me up.

BOSCO: The people on the same grade as you, no other person looks right for that role. I have thought about it, Tavia Yeung doesn't match. Don't even talk about the personality of that role, your figure matches the role. You aren't those beauty types, but more like the cool type and can have that mean look too. These characteristics are necessary for that role. Linda Chung doesn't match, Fala Chen works, but she was already part of the cast. Myolie Wu doesn't look like any of the characters.

KATE: Did you still think so after we finished shooting?

BOSCO: Well do you remember, before we started shooting I told you, I would be treating you like a beast?

KATE: That time you were so excited when you told me.

BOSCO: I said I would be pulling your hair and bite you. It's not just a normal couple kissing.

KATE: At the time, I said in a frightened voice, 'are you serious?' Well that time I did know about the script, I asked the producer why he casted me too.

BOSCO: It's nothing much, I saw you picked up pretty quickly after you joined us.

KATE: Well the co-stars are very important too, have to be very familiar for it to work because on the second and third episode, we already had passionate scenes.

BOSCO: You think about about it, in the middle of fight in the wilderness, and then had to kiss for a more than just a moment.

KATE: Also we were both all wet and sticky from shooting in Yuen Long all day.

BOSCO: At 9am, I was getting beat and eventually we got to the large open field. You are a girl, but you were all sweating too, then we had to sit on the hilltop and kiss. Luckily I am very familiar with you and treat you like a guy.

KATE: At least we didn't have to feel embarrassed, didn't waste much time. Luckily I'm so familiar with 'somebody's girlfriend' (Referring to Myolie Wu. At this point, Bosco takes a menu to look at and dodges Kate at once.) Wah, I am so scared, haha! At least I knew she wouldn't be angered. (Did you report to that somebody's girlfriend?) I didn't think it was necesesary, we were just working and should understand.

BOSCO: I didn't hit you, just pranked you. What is there to be afraid of?

Wears flip flops to work, have her difficulites

KATE: Since day one when I joined the crew, you all made me feel like I belonged!

BOSCO: Don't talk about me, Michael Tse and the playful director targeted you too. However, we were all just joking, and would keep our hands to ourselves. Perhaps your personality is the playful and tomboy type. We really didn't treat you like a girl, just Michael and I alone and your dead.

KATE: You all didn't need to move, just plain talking, and I already can't stand it.

BOSCO: The most you would say is "Aiya, you guys are so annoying."

KATE: You guys always had such frivolous words. In the series, I always had to wear tight clothing, short shirts and high heels too.

BOSCO: Just like an OL. If we didn't prank you, who else could we prank? We work everyday for like 20+ hours!

KATE: I became everyone's source of entertainment, Miss Joyous and responsible for giving out gifts.

BOSCO: Even the director pranked you, think about it carefully yourself!

KATE: It's so awkward facing so many men. I am personally very familiar with Michael too, you guys always make me run all over the place, it's terrifying. I didn't know what to do, so miserable! It was like that for over two months.

BOSCO: The look you have when your at work, it's more like a guy than a real guy. You wear flip flops, I don't understand why either, are you a girl?

KATE: What, Faye Wong does too!

BOSCO: But you wear flip flops different than others!

KATE: Then your just saying I don't have the qualities, I wear jeans too!

BOSCO: It's just the time when you enter the studio, you look like a guy.

KATE: You always say I'm rough.

BOSCO: Perhaps I'm a pretty boy, I match my clothes before I leave the door. All you really have is a T-shirt, jeans and a pair of flip flops.

KATE: I am really casual, you know why I wear flip flops? Because I always have to wear high heels during work. If I wear sneakers, I'll have to wear socks. My role has her difficulties.

BOSCO: You had to wear 4, 5 or 6 inch heels too!

KATE: Well your tall! I knew my co-star was you, so I especially bought them to match you! I can't deny I'm like a guy, I'm already trying my best to be more like a girl.

BOSCO: Then your personality is made for this industry, you can be either a man or a woman. You can do so much!

KATE: Wah! Thank you!

BOSCO: We rarely keep in touch if we aren't working together, which is a common failure in this industry. I personally don't see my friends often, just that same group coming and going, but they aren't in this industry. After we completed this series, our relationship is still here, but we just don't always see each other. Michael and I don't eat out once a week, but once we meet, it's like we gone crazy.

Acting accumulates life experiences

KATE: We both come out to act from the TVB Box, releasing music albums, which one of them do you think gives you the interest?

BOSCO: If I were to choose, I like to act. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel I don't have my own personality, but I enjoy it. My friends always ask me if I'be been unhappy lately, but actually that's not it, I'm just got into character.

KATE: It's really a pleasure working with you, even the hairdresser said you have a sweet mouth. In this aspect, I don't feel we are alike because I don't know how to comfort people.

BOSCO: I don't know if that is a good thing, it's better that we are all in a happy atmosphere when we are shooting. I would choose to talk about the good things and forget about the bad. My thing is you have no responsibility to bear my anger, only if I pay you or you did something really wrong.

KATE: You have been in this circle for so many years, did you ever have a time where you felt discouraged?

BOSCO: Not really, even if I'm unhappy, I get over it quickly. Fortunately, once I start working, I can put everything else aside, numb myself to think about other things.

KATE: I am the same, my unhappy state does not last long. Happiness is estasy, I would vent through my role. Laugh or cry, I put it all out, so I quite enjoy the estasy state.

BOSCO: Acting helps a few things. One time, I had some stress, looking at myself smile in the mirror, that kind of smile due to happiness, I read the newspaper that exercise can help you forget about the unhappiness, so I do some dancing, filming and kick my bike!

KATE: We have both acted in so many series, are there any series you want to rewatch? Hahaha, for me I don't dare to say. At first, when I turned on the TV and saw myself, I really felt embarrassed, didn't know what to do!

BOSCO: Acting accumulates life experiences, when you get older and rewatch you old series, you would think why was I like that, so ugly looking.

KATE: Are you releasing an album this year?

BOSCO: There are plans, but I don't know if its going to happen because basically I have been working nonstop.

KATE: As an artist, there definitely won't be a lack of kiss scenes, then if you had a girlfriend outside of the industry, would you prevent this from happening?

BOSCO: I never had that, once I start acting, don't mess with me. In fact, I enjoy working with different people because can give different elements for myself.

KATE: Then what kind of elements do I give you?

BOSCO: I can easily play with you, but you aren't easy either, sometimes you strike back.

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