Moses Chan clarifies not cohabiting with Aimee Chan; Evergreen Mak exposes the relationship

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Moses Chan clarifies not cohabiting with Aimee Chan; Evergreen Mak exposes the relationship

Post by summer7879 on Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:31 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan clarifies not cohabiting with Aimee Chan; Evergreen Mak exposes the relationship

[Oriental Daily] reporters have been waiting at the 'Double Chan' Moses Chan and Aimee Chan's new love nest for the past several days. Yesterday morning at 7am, reporters discovered a trace of Moses. Reportedly, Moses and Aimee had an all night secret meeting the night before last and Moses was seen leaving early in the morning dressed causally. He was carrying his eyeglass case and his resident card while he walked out to pick up his car. At first, Moses appeared very cautious, wearing a hat and mouth mask to avoid being identified. Later, he dropped the vigilance and was quite surprised to find reporters around. Asked if he and Aimee are going to announce their relationship? Are they sharing a love nest? Moses did not respond, just smiled in embarrassment. When he was leaving, he politely waved goodbye to reporters.

Later, Moses accepted an interview over the phone and was in a great mood. Asked if he and Aimee are cohabiting? He happily said: "No, I am just having dinner at a friend's place. (Who?) Evergreen Mak. (Why are you just driving away at 7am?) Last night after dinner, I had a few drinks, and so I didn't want to drive." He denied he was living with Aimee in Sham Tseng. Asked if their relationship had reached to the next level? He said: "This a happy event. (What relationship do you have with Aimee?) Maintain a dating relationship. (Will you make the relationship public?) Wait until I have more dates with her first. (The public is accepting though?) Thanks!"

When asked if he and Aimee moved to Sham Teng? He got more and more confusing as he explained: "No, but it's a beautiful environment. (But you have a resident card to that building?) Huh? Why would I? I live in Tseung Kwan O, that is the card to the house in Tseung Kwan O. (But Tseung Kwan O homes uses the Octopus card?) That one is the Octopus card. If you don't believe me, I will show you next time."

Evergreen exposes the relationship

Moses explained that he was just having dinner at Evergreen's house and praises that Evergreen's wife great cooking skills. Asked why did he parked so far from the building? He said: "I didn't want to park in the same parking lot as Aimee, so I parked further. I didn't want someone to catch us, but unexpectedly you all still got me. I am very low-key, I don't want to say too much. If I do announce, I will tell Scoop. (What if we catch you two holding hands?) Good!"

As for Aimee, she was asked if she and Moses established a love nest? She sweetly said: "No! Haha, I live in Clear Water Bay. I had a friend who was living there, so I went over to have dinner. (Evergreen Mak?) Yes, my brother. (Moses is your official boyfriend?) I hope in the future he will be too."

Moses said he's often a guest at Evergeen's house for dinner, as Aimee's 'big brother', Evergreen unknowingly exposed their relationship over the phone yesterday. He said: "My sister (referring to Aimee) is always coming over for dinner and soup. She even teaches my daughter English. (Does she bring Moses over too?) Of course, I am, after all, her big brother, so she must introduce her boyfriend to me. (Do they come together?) A few times, just started dating, and always getting followed by the paparazzi, where could they go?"

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