Moses Chan Marvels His Amazement at Jeana Ho’s Firm Chest

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Moses Chan Marvels His Amazement at Jeana Ho’s Firm Chest

Post by summer7879 on Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:37 am

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Translated by: Ah K @ JayneStars

Moses Chan Marvels His Amazement at Jeana Ho’s Firm Chest

Not Afraid That Moses’ Saw Might Accidentally Cut Her Chest

After the fashion show, when Moses and Jeana were performing a magic trick of “Knife Sawing Beauty”, Jeana’s “rebounding chest” left everyone bewildered. Regardless of whether she sat, lie sideways or lay flat, the “rebounded chest” still stood firmly, showing no signs of any movement, like something with no signs of life!

When the magic show had concluded, Moses was asked whether he was worried about accidentally sawing Jeana’s chest. An embarrassed Moses responded, “Earlier on when I was filming for War of the Heart, I managed to learn some magic so I’m not worried. Well, there were some techniques that must be acted out lahs.” (Were you afraid of touching Jeana?) “I was a little bit scared!” (Jeana’s chest was very amazing as it didn’t shift one bit hor!) “Hahahaha…the magic performance was indeed amazing lahs!” Asked whether how he felt about Jeana’s body, Moses quiveringly expressed that it was okay and said that he had judged quite a few during his judging stint for the Miss HK competition.”

Didn’t Ask Moses For His Phone Number

Jeana smiled and said that while performing “Knife sawing beauty,” her chest was alright as she was only sawed at her belly button and she believed that even if there was anything wrong, Moses would definitely take up responsibility. When asked why her chest didn’t spill over, Jeana re-emphasized that she had worn a bra and used her hands to press and hold. Jeana immediately changed topic and said, “I really like Moses, he’s tall, well-built, handsome and also nice. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.” (Asked Moses for his phone number?) “Nope, it will be embarrassing to ask him upon meeting for the very first time. Probably next time when we have talked and got to know each other better. (Moses specially picks pageant winners lehs!) I also wrote a winning autobiography, wonder if that helps?”

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