Steven Ma's series comes to an end, feels scattered and down

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Steven Ma's series comes to an end, feels scattered and down

Post by summer7879 on Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:50 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Steven Ma's series comes to an end, feels scattered and down

The finale to TVB costume drama The Life and Times of a Sentinel starring Steven Ma and Kenneth Ma airs tonight. As this difficult to shoot production finally comes to an end, Steven said frankly he's having mixed feelings. He really wants the finale to broadcast quickly, so audience can see the results of all the hard work the crew put into this production. However, he is also worried that he'll feel reluctant and lost when the series ends.

Steven expressed that The Life and Times of a Sentinel holds a vital spot in the course of his acting, he said: "I have never portrayed a character with so much hatred like Nip Dor Po. In the finale week, he had a great psychological change. For revenge, he turned into a sinister and in the last few episodes, his relations with Kenneth Ma's role Fuk Chuen will rupture. Two men will have a very tragic ending. One of them will get frightening when an enormous secret uncovers. I look forward to see how audience will react to this ending."

Steven said he had a pleasant collaboration with Kenneth Ma, he said: "The shooting period this time was shor. The series is also set in the large palace court, so it was quite difficult, but the entire crew really put their hearts into it. My co-star Kenneth Ma is an actor that is willing to give and take. Plus our surnames are both Ma, we had a comfortable collaboration and are such good friends like two brothers."

As for the TV ratings, Steven frankly said it's only a general satisfaction: "The past few weeks remained 26-27 points, but the earlier series with the same 8:30pm time slots had lower ratings too. I anticipate for good ratings in the finale."

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