Netizens displeased with 'Lives of Omission' finale, demands for a retake

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Netizens displeased with 'Lives of Omission' finale, demands for a retake

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:44 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Netizens displeased with 'Lives of Omission' finale, demands for a retake

The other night, TVB broadcast the Lives of Omission finale. In the series, 'Laughing' (Michael Tse) was sent to jail after killing 'Bai Co' (Bosco Wong). As for 'Madam Jo' (Fala Chen), she died falling up from up high and 'Paris' (Kate Tsui) was rescued from hiding. The finale left a clue to the serials film version entitled Laughing Gor: Hidden Criminal. This resulted in an uproar among viewers due to disliking the ending. Netizens exploded on discussion forums on the internet. Someone started a poll demanding TVB to retake/redo the ending, 75% supported the idea.

Displeased by Fala's "wrong death"

Netizens were most displeased by Madam Jo's (Fala) death. It was unreasonable for her to follow Bai Co (Bosco) alone. Also, she only fell off a two storey platform and there were wooden boards below to help reduce the force, therefore she cannot die that easily. In contrast, previously Aunt Nam (Elena Kong) fell off the roof of a building and she didn't die. Paris (Kate Tsui) was shot and submerged into the sea, but still nothing happened to her. Madam Jo's death was wrong.

Some Netizens teased that Laughing after all he went through, he still survived, making his level of power like a Robocop. A Laughing version of Robocop, Prison On Fire (監獄風雲) or The Legend of Laughing can be considered.

A blurred image of Bai Co in jail

That night during at the finale, Laughing saw a blurred image while in jail of a man that resembled Bai Co. Some Netizens predicted the film version's storyline. The predictions were that Madam Jo didn't actually die, she was just in a coma; Bai Co got Laughing to let him go and pretended his death to avoid 'Ether Union' members pursuit to kill him. Laughing's final undercover mission was to go to jail and get near Ether Union's most important member.

Kate Tsui tears up at gunshot scene

On the night of the finale, the Lives of Omission cast watched the finale live with the audience. When Kate watched the part where she was shot by her lover Bosco Wong, she teared up. On the contrary, she had no reaction to Fala's 'drop off' death. Kate said: "I was truly feeling emotional just now because Bosco was sitting next to me, so I couldn't help myself. I really am a tad embarrassed. It's all Bosco's fault, telling everyone on stage that I cry easily!"

As for Fala, who was teased that she 'didn't cry over her own death', Fala said: "Because I was able to pull myself out of the character. I am now Chung Mo Yim. I don't have any special feeling. (Kate Tsui was tearing up on the spot?) She is into character. I also want to thank this role, giving me opportunities to shoot with Michael and do shows with him. I earned almost 7 figures, I hope I'll have the opportunity to be in the film version too!"

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