Kenneth Ma hasn't kissed in a while, gives Mandy Wong a dry one

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Kenneth Ma hasn't kissed in a while, gives Mandy Wong a dry one

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:25 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma hasn't kissed in a while, gives Mandy Wong a dry one

The other night, Kenneth ma and Mandy Wong were shooting a kiss scene in Sheung Wan for TVB new series 36 Hours On Call. Mandy's first on-screen kiss was already given to Him Law, and she also has a kiss scene with Benjamin Yuen. She is considered 'experienced'. This time she is blessed to have the opportunity to kiss Kenneth as well. He laughed: "Before in The Mysteries of Love I kissed 4-5 girls, and they said I already reached my quota all in one go. I haven't done a kiss scene in a long time, so I'm feeling a bit nervous because this is my first time collaborating with Mandy. Luckily we are shooting this scene towards the end, so already had the time to get familiar with each other.'

However, Kenneth said Mandy is 'experienced' with kiss scenes, so it wasn't necessary for them to shoot at an angle because of awkwardness. However, when it comes to experience, she does not compare to Kenneth! Mandy analyzed who was best to kiss: "Him Law was rather wet, Benjamin Yuen had feeling, and Kenneth was a little dry! He's a very dry person actually, but I have no embarrassment shooting with him because he's very nice." Kenneth joked: "I think she's good to kiss, so I can have that taste again. There are some who really aren't good to kiss, but I'm not giving names!"

Steven is straightforward

As for Steven Ma displeased by TVB not giving much attention to The Life and Times of a Sentinel and had no celebration for a high rated finale like Lives of Omission did, the other lead actor Kenneth said perhaps Lives is starting the film soon, so needs more promotion. It's hard to say because business is business. He said: "Steven is straightforward. (Has he mentioned to you about terminating his contract?) When we chatted before, he said there were many Mainland companies that approached him." As it was said Kenneth was not pleased by TVB turning down a Mainland series for him, it turns out last year Kenneth was also in the same situation, where TVB turned down two Mainland series for him. He felt very disappointed.

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