Moses Chan first 'couple team' with Aimee Chan at event: Do We Match?

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Moses Chan first 'couple team' with Aimee Chan at event: Do We Match?

Post by summer7879 on Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:30 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan first 'couple team' with Aimee Chan at event: Do We Match?

Following [Oriental Daily]'s exposure of Moses Chan and Aimee Chan 'half-cohabiting', their relationship deepened as it is widely rumored the two are getting married. Though Moses has a pleasing love life, he is rather 'disappointed' by his career because he still hasn't been included in the list of hot TV King favorites this year, despite his outstanding acting. Wayne Lai, Michael Tse and even Bosco Wong have all entered the list of hot TV King favorites. Seeing himself being 'looked down on', Moses wanted takes his ultimate attack and borrows his 'girlfriend' Aimee to boost his popularity.

Yesterday Moses and Aimee appeared at a public event for the first time as a 'couple team'. The two were guests for the watch brand TITONI's new store opening. Aimee and Moses were a perfect match as they were dressed in a white-slanting dress and a suit respectively. Moses also provided attentive care to Aimee the entire time, making her feel so loved. Moses chose a pink watch for Aimee and put the watch on for her, Aimee looked at Moses as she said: "I really like it."

Aside from their matching outfits, the two said hello to the media at the same time during the interview. When asked if they'll be announcing their relationship since they are such a good match? Moses did Tai Chi to avoid the question: "Take it slowly, we're not in a drama, you all behave." Moses was asked if he wanted to protect the love that just blossomed? He said: "This is our first time meeting the public together, it's quite a pleasure because it's rare that we get to earn money together." Towards this, Aimee added: "Later we will start shooting a series together too, get to see each other more and get to know his character more." Today, the two will be going for the costume fitting for the new series.

When Moses helped Aimee put on the pink watch, she looked as sweet as if she was getting her wedding ring put on. Moses laughed: "Haha, it's a joy." Later, Moses asked reporters if he and Aimee matches? When reporters said they matched so much, it looked like they were getting married. He laughed: "I am not responding to this, can't hear you." As for the couple team is getting a desire outcome, the two admitted they will have future collaborations, but all decisions are made by their manager.

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