Mona Fong angered, tells Steven Ma herself to stay with TVB

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Mona Fong angered, tells Steven Ma herself to stay with TVB

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:54 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Mona Fong angered, tells Steven Ma herself to stay with TVB

Aside from government approval of three new free TV licenses, the recent 'poaching' incident has struck a great 'earthquake' on TVB internally. TVB Siu Sangs, FaDans and singers all have intentions to leave the company, and even the executives, producers, scriptwriters and aged artists are beginning to flee. TVB Deputy Chairman Mona Fong has been displeased by the recent news reports.

To avoid worsen the situation, Mona ordered the three big players Norman Leung, Stephen Chan and Mark Lee to focus on three critical problems in order to resolve the internal and outside issues as soon as possible and stabilize the employees' hearts.. The first task is directed at the poaching incident, Mona ordered the three of them to get an understanding from the employees (artists, producers, scriptwriters) on why is there such great resentment? The second is directed at the resigning executives, are the rumors circulating in the public true? Is it because of the low pay and long hours? Finally, it is to resolve the Big 4 record label royalty issue. Among the three tasks, Mona hopes to take the lead in settling the Steven Ma issue herself because he is the first artist to leave before a contract expires. She hopes to convince him to reconsider and stay with TVB.

It was said Mona paid attention to Steven's recent performances, including The Life and Times of a Sentinel and his hosted TV shows Apprentice Chef and Book of Words. After watching his performances, she believes he is a talented person and does not understand why he intends to leave, so she personally mentioned him by name and hopes he can stay with TVB. It was rumored Steven teared up while having dinner with TVB executives earlier. According to the source, Steven didn't cry for himself, but because he was worried of the company's prospects. He told Norman Leung about the secret miseries of artists and places hopes on the Executives, in hope they will value artists, otherwise there will be more and more artists leaving TVB, causing a great loss to the company.

As Steven now has Mona Fong's attention, last night he accepted a telephone interview and expressed he does not know about the matter. However, he will feel very happy if its true and is grateful for Mona's appreciation. Asked if he really did tear up at the dinner with executives? He said: "That time it was a dinner artists had with the executives. We do have these dinners occasionally, but at the time Mark Lee and Norman Leung were there too, so I had a few drinks. I did talk about unhappy topics, as well as my feelings towards TVB and my hope for TVB to do the best."

Steven was asked if he has some sort of decision made already? He said: "I told Norman, don't broadcast my series during holiday or vacation time periods. Actually it's not crying, just tears of emotions!" When asked if TVB had the sincerity, will there be a greater chance that he will stay with them? He said: "Right now I am still shooting a series. Mr. Chan (Stephen Chan) did come talk to me, but I haven't had time. This decision, I need time to slowly think about it, give me some time! I haven't really put deep thought into it!" As for Stephen, he has not responded.

Steven Ma's Representative work

'Safe Guards' (鐵血保鏢)
A 2006 production with TV ratings peaking at 42 points. This series also gave Steven the 'My Favorite TV Male Character Award' at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

'Sweetness In the Salt' (鐵血保鏢)
2009 production with TV ratings exceeding 30 points.

'Ghost Writer (蒲松齡)
2010 production with the finale TV ratings reaching 36 points, peaking at 41 points.

'A Watchdog's Tale (老友狗狗)
2010 production with satisfying TV ratings throughout. The ratings exceeded 30 points every week.

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