Celebrity Weddings: Karen Mok and Johannes

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Celebrity Weddings: Karen Mok and Johannes

Post by summer7879 on Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:22 am

Credit : Source: Sohu.com
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars

Celebrity Weddings: Karen Mok and Johannes

On October 1, 2011, Karen Mok (莫文蔚) and her first love, German boyfriend, Johannes, got married in Italy at a countryside vineyard. The couple met in Italy when Karen and Johannes studied together and fell in love. Many years later, the couple met again and decided to get married. Their romantic love was the object of envy for many people!

After winning the Golden Melody Award for Best Female Singer in June and completing her concert performances, Karen Mok arrived in Florence, Italy to finalize wedding arrangements. Since Karen and Johannes met again in Italy after a long separation, both bride and groom wished to have their wedding in Italy. Karen specifically chose the vineyard which was featured in a Ferregamo pictorial shoot from 1995, in which she was stunned by the Chateau’s beauty at the time. As a perfectionist, Karen planned every detail of the wedding closely. Karen asked Hong Kong designer, Johanna Ho (何志恩) to design the wedding gown, and arrange Maid of Honor, Stacey Ma’s (马怡静) bridesmaid gown, as well as the four flower girl dresses.

Karen and Johannes’ wedding ceremony was held in at the church on the vineyard’s premises. Since the Italian customs at the church were more conservative and did not allow the bride to wear a strapless wedding gown, Karen decided that the wedding gown should convey a sense of “innocence.” Hong Kong designer, Johanna Ho, used a large amount of lace in Karen’s tailor-made, unique wedding gown. De Beers jewelry provided the latest jewelry collection for the bride to wear. Ferragamo provided a specially designed pair of wedding shoes for Karen, in which only one pair of these shoes existed in the entire world.

The wedding venue was decorated in a pink-colored theme, fully demonstrating the feeling of pure romance. Johannes’ three children [from a previous marriage] were present. Karen personally selected the pink-colored dresses for her husband’s two daughters.

The wedding ceremony started at 3 PM at the church. Karen was led by her elder brother. The 100 guests in attendance were taken in by the bride’s beauty. Possessing a good relationship with the groom, Karen’s elder brother led the bride to the Johannes. The priest blessed the couple and after the newlyweds exchanged vows and rings, Johannes lifted the veil and kissed Karen. When Karen and Johannes left the church, the guests threw rice upon the newlyweds to send their best wishes, concluding the wedding ceremony.

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