Gigi Leung’s dream comes true, marries Spanish boyfriend Serigo in Spain

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Gigi Leung’s dream comes true, marries Spanish boyfriend Serigo in Spain

Post by summer7879 on Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:31 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Gigi Leung’s dream comes true, marries Spanish boyfriend Serigo in Spain

Last night (10/3) at 8 p.m. HKT, 35 year old Gigi Leung married her Spanish boyfriend, 36 year old Sergio, who she dated for 5 months. The couple were married on the small island of Ibiza in Spain. The wedding was a simple and romantic ceremony on the beach. Witnessed by 80 family and friends, Gigi married the perfect man, as so she claimed. Sergio described himself as the luckiest man on earth. The couple teared up emotionally the moment they exchanged rings and promised each other to love until old.

Offically becoming a married woman, Gigi was very anxious at the wedding. Even if she did go through countless ‘weddings’ from shooting films, it was only that moment when she married in real life that she realized it’s actually two different things. Sergio asked someone in Spain to especially tailor and design a wedding dress for his wife. As for the wedding ring, Gigi chose to have Tiffany design it for her, which was made out of platinum and rose gold.

From the air tickets to the hotel and finally to the arrangements at the wedding location, the groom Sergio was responsible for all. In order to marry this queen, Sergio spent about HK$4 million to custom design this dream wedding for Gigi. However, Sergio said with a wide smile that he does not regret it and stressed that he is the luckiest man on earth. Gigi also described her husband as a “100% good man”.

The couple’s fate started when Gigi was on vacation in Spain. At that time, she just completed her Hong Kong G Night Concert and decided to go on a trip alone. In Spain, she met her other half. Sergio is a simple, honest, humorous and a gentleman. He and Gigi’s characters are similar, where they are both optimistic and romantic. Sergio also greatly respects Gigi’s family and is especially caring to his mother-in-law. When he learned Mother Leung was a vegetarian, he decided to hold a vegetarian wedding banquet. Sergio’s family is also very supportive, no wonder Mother Leung praised her son-in-law nonstop.

Although the wedding was held in Spain, Gigi still retained the Chinese traditions. The night before the wedding, Gigi had her mother brush her hair. When Mother Leung helped Gigi do her hair, she felt happy and tried hard to hold in her tears of joy. The wedding was a mix of Chinese and Western traditions, Gigi also followed the Spanish customs and prepared a watch for her groom, like a Spanish bride traditionally does. The watch Gigi gave her husband valued at HK$900,000.

Gigi was asked if she is planning to move to Spain after marriage? Gigi expressed she will continue her work after marriage because she loves her job. Currently, her jobs lines up until March 2012, so she cannot just stop. Her husband is extremely respectful and supportive that she has her own career. She also has plans to balance supporting her family and career, while being a good wife.

The happy new bride Gigi expressed on Weibo that her dreams came true: “Sergio really treats me well! I have never met someone that treats me this well, in every possible way. He makes me feel like I’m dreaming every day! My mom and brother love him, and even my friends greatly praise hm! I really feel the true happiness!"

Gigi Leung’s memorable 10 . 3

To Gigi, October 3rd is a truly memorable date for her. This is the date she experience the happiest moment as well as the saddest moment of her life.
12 years ago (year 1999), on the late night of October 3rd, it was rumored Gigi visited Ekin Cheng in his home, which greatly caught the media’s attention. Ekin’s manager (Lam San San) had to buy a cake to the house to ‘rescue’ them and pretended that a group of friends were celebrating Ekin’s birthday. The next day, Lam San San gave Gigi a lift back home. That moment, led Gigi to be part of the most classic entertainment news. Because Gigi became the ‘third person’ between Ekin and Maggie Siu’s relationship, the rumors were known as the ‘Two Face Kei’. The rumors shattered her jade girl image. Gigi’s career hit rock bottom, but she did not give up on love.
12 years later, yesterday Gigi finally gets married. The groom isn’t Ekin Cheng, who she bravely loved back then, but instead is the Spanish Sergio, who she only knew for 5 months.

Some people felt Gigi purposely chose her wedding date for October 3rd because she wanted to forever remember what happened 12 years ago, that her life has changed a lot. There are also some people who believe she chose to marry the day before her ex’s birthday was because she wanted to show him she lives life better than him. Gigi was able to find someone willing to tell the world he loves her, marry her and got married faster than Ekin Cheng, who planned to marry Yoyo Mung next year, proves how blessed Gigi is. Whether if it’s just a coincidence or deliberate, this date is unbelieveable intriguing.

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