TVB Lighting Ceremony: Norman Leung exposes Ricky Wong’s free TV license hasn’t been approved

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TVB Lighting Ceremony: Norman Leung exposes Ricky Wong’s free TV license hasn’t been approved

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:28 am

Credit ;Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

TVB Lighting Ceremony: Norman Leung exposes Ricky Wong’s free TV license hasn’t been approved

The TVB 44th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony was held last night with TVB Chairman Sir Run Run leading the ‘Unusual Dreams, Stepping Towards 45th Anniversary’ lighting ceremony. Over 120 TVB artists attended, including the lead Siu Sangs and FaDans Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong and Fala Chen. Even the TVB management team Mark Lee, Stephen Chan, Virgina Lok and Catherine Tsang all attended despite the recent poaching rumors and all the gossips within the management. Executive Deputy Chairman, Norman Leung spoke about the poaching war, expressing that TVB will be using their 40+ years of experience to taking on the war and said the ‘no name’ Ricky Wong is just trying to get publicity.

Before the ceremony, Norman along with Virgina Lok and Catherine Tsang met the press. Norman expressed: “Ricky Wong still hasn’t been approved for the free TV license. Until the government approves the license, it is a matter of survival of the fittest. I am almost certain TVB will not be eliminated. Over the years, TVB stood tall and it’s already over 40 years of experience. In the past, we went into ‘war’ several times, and each time we strive to improve our programs. Holistically speaking, can Hong Kong support 5 free TV stations? In the past, someone invested 1 billion or even 10 billion on a free TV station and resulted in total losses. Even if there were profits, it was insignificant. This is a situation that have already happened.”

In the past, the positions of TVB artists was seen of great importance at TVB Lighting Ceremonies. However, this year the focus is on the executives. Stephen Chan was responsible to push Sir Run Run out to his seat, whereas Virgina Lok helped Mona Fong. Mrs. Fong also held tightly onto Virgina’s hand, we all can see who is being valued. As for the big group picture, the 3 TVB anniversary series were the main focus. Since Liza Wang was absent, Carol Cheng stood besides Sir Run Run along with the ‘Super Snoop’ cast, followed by Steven Ma. On Sir Run Run’s other side, there was ‘Forensic Heroes III’ leads Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung, TVB ‘biological son’ Raymond Lam, ‘Curse of the Royal Harem’ lead actress Myolie Wu, followed by Bosco Wong and Fala Chen.

Raymond is seen as the hot favorite for TV King this year. Yesterday during the TVB anniversary series promotions, although he wasn’t part of it, he still supported the event. During the cake cutting part, Virgina told him to step forward to blow out the candles with them. Raymond said: “Miss Lok suddenly told me to come forward, I was a little frightened. I did not purposely come support the event, just coincidentally I was in HK to shoot the Sales Presentation clips, so I had some time to attend.”

Steven Ma has recently been unhappy with the contract issues and wanted to terminate his contract. It was rumored Mona Fong told him to stay. Last night based on his position for the group picture, he stood in the middle positions unlike in the past years. Reporters asked him to take pictures with Virgina, Steven pulled in others to join them in order to avoid awkwardness. When asked if he has decided his future direction? Steven said: “Still researching, TVB understands my reasoning. No matter what, TVB is my maternal home.” Asked if this year is his last time participating in a TVB lighting ceremony? Steven did not respond directly: “Life is unpredictable.”
The promotional clip for Super Snoops broadcast at the event, which included Aimee Chan and Louis Yuen’s 7 second kiss scene. Wong Cho Lam teased Louis that he’s stealing someone’s girlfriend. Louis refuted: “I just wanted to try what kind of coffee Moses Chan brewed!” Aimee did not mind being teased. She said: “I am not embarrassed by kiss scenes because I am an actress.” Last night, 45 artists were in the drawing for the TVB Anniversary raffle, including Liza Wang, Steven Ma, Myolie Wu and Moses Chan. Aimee was said to have brought ‘luck’ to Moses. She laughed: “I want half of the prize!”

Fala was asked about Marge Zhuge implying she already married into the Sit family. She declined to comment on anything relating to Marge. As to if Marge is fighting to enter the Sit ‘door’ (marriage)? Fala indirectly criticized her: “Relationships are not used to show off. Too much show off, face look burnt.”

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