Toby Leung: The uglier I am, the happier I am

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Toby Leung: The uglier I am, the happier I am  Empty Toby Leung: The uglier I am, the happier I am

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Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Toby Leung: The uglier I am, the happier I am  07me004toby

Toby Leung: The uglier I am, the happier I am

Toby Leung plays Liza Wang's daughter in new series Super Snoops. Every time she tries to help Liza investigate cases, she would eventually turn everything into a mess. Toby expressed her naughty role is similar to her character in real life. She is often thinking of nonsense and play with disguises.

Toby expressed the shooting process of this series was really good. Liza and The Gods would always bring food for everyone to eat and she would sometimes makes soup for everyone too. Although Super Snoops is a pre-modern series, the dialogue is somewhat difficult to say, but she still really enjoys shooting comedies. She said: "I love shooting comedies because it's so enjoyable and I can pretend to look ugly. I never been beautiful, so it's not necessary for me to look beautiful. The uglier I am, the happier I am." Shooting with the three laughing stocks Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee and Louis Yuen was a lot of fun. Sometimes she wouldn't understand the gags the Gods suddenly make on the set, so she gets teased by them.

Later this year Toby will be tying the knot with her fiance (Wong Man Ho). Super Snoops is her last series as a bachelorette. Although she still does have a strong interest for acting, she will slowly cut down her acting jobs, so she can focus more on her wedding planning business since her fiance doesn't really like her shooting series. She hopes to reduce her on-screen appearance.

This year Toby had three series broadcast, aside from Super Snoops, there were also Wax and Wane and My Sister of Eternal Flower. She said without hesitation that she does hope for an award, but whether if she gets one or not, let nature take its course. As TVB executive producer Tommy Leung's daughter, do people think Toby has a strong backup and her career is going to sail smoothly? She said: "My father and I have always been in the same company. In fact, this is also an obstacle too. At first, I did mind what people said, but it was only in the recent years that I stopped caring. I just feel it's most important to work hard to do your best in your jobs. I am very happy to gradually win support from audience."

Toby Leung: The uglier I am, the happier I am  30773410
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