Selena Li: Not desperate to marry into wealthy family

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Selena Li: Not desperate to marry into wealthy family

Post by summer7879 on Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:41 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Selena Li: Not desperate to marry into wealthy family

Since Selena Li's entry into the entertainment circle, she rarely had any intimate scenes. Recently when shooting for TVB new series Endless Exchange of Enjoyment, she kisses two men all in one go -- Johnson Lee and Vincent Wong. In the series, she plays the millionaire's daughter-in-law, but in reality she's not desperate to marry into a wealthy family at all. She feels wealthy men attract too many "peach blossoms".

Selena has been growing out her long hair for many years. This time for her new series, she cuts it. Earlier for this exclusive interview, she still had her long hair. She said: "Need to have some sacrifice. I'm also really unwilling to let my long hair go, but as an artist, I cannot say no. I have to accept new things."

After so many years of being in the industry, Selena rarely has any intimate scenes, this time she goes for a 'double', having many intimate scenes with Johnson Lee and Vincent Wong. She said: "I am not really used to doing intimate scenes. It's better with Johnson because we do the funny style bed scenes. However with Vincent, it's not like that. The bad part is we both rarely do these scenes, he even asked me to lead him in the scene."

In the new series, Selena plays the daughter-in-law of a millionaire and enjoys a glamorious life, but in reality Selena does not want to marry into a wealthy family. She said: "Don't need that much money, too much money comes with more pressure, or even a burden. I rather have a man that loves me than to have his riches, money and many peach blossoms."

But, as the storyline progresses, she and Myolie Wu would switch roles. She goes from a millionaire to a regular housewife. She said: "The most memorable was when I had to take care of a baby. I had to feed the baby milk, change diapers and these are things I haven't tried before. I was pretty scared because the baby was only 6 weeks old. At first, I was afraid he would get too cold and then I was afraid I would hurt him. However, it feels pretty good to learn the new skill. I love babies myself, but I will first have to find a boyfriend and get married, before I can have any babies. Can't skip a step."

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