Vincent Wong angered by sudden Cammi rumors right before his marriage

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Vincent Wong angered by sudden Cammi rumors right before his marriage

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:47 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, The Sun (images)
Translated by aZnangel @

Vincent Wong angered by sudden Cammi rumors right before his marriage

Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen will be holding their wedding on the day of 'eight ones' (11/11/11 at 11a.m.). Initially the couple were happily preparing for their marriage, but unexpectedly a magazine reported a rumor between Vincent and 16 year old lengmo Cammi. What a great 'wedding gift'. The news was very upsetting for the couple; they denounced someone is trying to get publicity.

Since Cammi and Edison Chen's intimate photos were exposed, Cammi has become the target of news. It is shocking that even she and Vincent, the soon-to-be groom, would be linked together. Yesterday a magazine reported Cammi met Vincent at a friend's birthday party early August. The report said Vincent took advantage of the time when Yoyo wasn't in Hong Kong and drove Cammi to and from the party. The two spent 5 hours together in his home.

When Vincent learned of the magazine report, he was very upset saying the report is ridiculous and 'someone' is just trying to get publicity. He said: "Cammi is my friend's friend. One time, a group of friends were in my house for a gathering, Cammi didn't know how to come, so I drove out to pick her up. Yoyo clearly knows of this incident, but I don't know when the media took pictures." Vincent felt the most ridiculous part was that [someone] is taking such action right before he's getting married. It is clearly because they wanted the rumor to affect his marriage. He stressed his love for Yoyo will not be affected.

Yoyo said: "This time, the reports is completely made up. Although I wasn't at the party that day, but I know what happened. It was just a friend gathering. The rumor is seriously stupid." Yoyo expressed if 'someone' is trying to take advantage of the time before they are getting married to make news and increase exposure rate, then that means they [Vincent/Yoyo] is worthy enough to be used for news.

Vincent and Yoyo took wedding photos earlier with their bridal sponsor Mona Lisa Bridal Salon. Vincent joked that the whole process felt like he was working. To get the best effect, the couple posed in their Chok looks. He teased his fiancee Yoyo couldn't Chok at all.

[] The couple plans to get married on November 11th and hold the wedding on November 13th. Sharon Chan and Fala Chen both have agreed to attend the wedding. Earlier, the couple denied it was a 'shotgun marriage', but Vincent expressed he hopes to be a father and won't use any contraceptives.

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