Lai Lok Yi Refuses to Believe Tavia Yeung Is Dating Him Law

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Lai Lok Yi Refuses to Believe Tavia Yeung Is Dating Him Law

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:50 am

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Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars

TVB artists, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Stephen Huynh (黃長興), Matthew Ko (高鈞賢), and Clayton Li (李晉強) rehearsed for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Gala yesterday. Winning the Strictly Come Dancing 3 "舞動奇跡3" segment in mainland China earlier, Lai Lok Yi led the TVB artists in the dance, with the group looking chok and posing coolly.

It was rumored that Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) were dating after they were spotting attending a barbecue together. Tavia’s good friend, Lai Lok Yi commented, “It’s nothing. I frequently barbecue too. As a friend, I will not ask about her love matters.” Him Law gave others the impression of being a player; was Lok Yi concerned that Tavia did not date the right guy? Lok Yi said, “I also know Mr. Law; he is not a bad person. As an adult, Tavia knows how to handle it.”

Lok Yi indicated that he did not believe that Tavia and Him were dating. Due to Tavia’s personality, she will generously admit the relationship if she were dating.

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