Fala Chen appears in public with her 'Neway Prince' boyfriend for the first time

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Fala Chen appears in public with her 'Neway Prince' boyfriend for the first time

Post by summer7879 on Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:14 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Fala Chen appears in public with her 'Neway Prince' boyfriend for the first time

Yesterday Giorgio Armani held the 'Retrospective Red Carpet' party to announce the all new Armani Chater House store grand opening in Hong Kong. It was a star-studded party with many artists from greater China attending as guests including Shu Qi, Kwan Lun Mei, Rosamund Kwan, Wu Chun, Chen Kun, Moses Chan, Chilam Cheung, Anthony Wong and Fala Chen, who attended with her boyfriend Sit Sai Hang (Neway Prince).

Fala walked out on stage with her elegantly dressed boyfriend, Sit Sai Hang. This is the first time the couple appeared together in a public event and had a very generous attitude. Fala kept her hand linked on Sit's arm, but Sit remained stiff because he isn't used to facing so many reporters. When he was taking pictures with Fala, Sit was clearly nervous.

Later during interviews with the media, Sit was shy and stepped aside, leaving Fala alone for the interviews. She said this is their first time at a public event together: "My boyfriend knows the executive of Giorgio Armani, and was invited to this event as well, so we attended together." When speaking of Sit's stiff expressions? Fala laughed: "I'm not used to this either, it's our first time, he's feeling shy!"

The two are in a stabled relationship, next time when we see the couple again, will they be announcing their marriage? Fala said: "Its hard to say. This is our first time together at an event and for the future I will try to come out with him more. I'll tell him to stop being at home reading books. This time we are here to celebrate the store opening ceremony." Fala ditched her boyfriend and did the interviews herself, is she afraid he would leak out the marriage news? Fala laughed: "Now, now, you all will scare him away if you are like this."

As for Aimee Chan's boyfriend Moses Chan, attended the event alone. He said he is a loyal fan of Armani. This is the first time he's participanting in their event dressed in their (Armani) clothing. When asked if he'll appear in matching outfits with girlfriend Aimee? He said: "We'll have to see how the arrangements go next time. If we are together, then we will."

Chilam Cheung appeared at the opening ceremony with a small beard. He revealed he deliberately spent 3 days growing a beard just to accommodate Armani's clothing. Chilam smiled and said his appearance money tripled. Asked if his wife refused to kiss him since he has so much facial hair? He said the question is too sensitive and that he didn't know how to answer. Asked if he's still just as handsome with this new look? He laughed: "It's your call." He expressed his son is already used to his new look.

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