Myolie Wu crashes the MCI 2012 press conference in a Deep V dress

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Myolie Wu crashes the MCI 2012 press conference in a Deep V dress

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:34 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by aZnangel @

Myolie Wu crashes the MCI 2012 press conference in a Deep V dress

Yesterday the 28 contestants for Miss Chinese International Pageant 2012 met the press and judges. As one of the judges, Myolie Wu appeared in a low-cut deep V dress and 'crashed' scene, not allowing the contestants to steal all the attention. TVB made arrangements for 'godson' Hacken Lee to be the guest performer once again, along with 'The Voice' singers Mag Lam and Alfred Hui.

Myolie appeared in a black Deep V evening dress, asked if she wanted to challenge the 28 contestants herself? Myolie explained she just wanted to get a taste of dressing neutrally and coincidentally she found this dress. In a normal occasion like this, she won't sell her sexiness, just under her dress is pants, while the upper half is elegant and therefore can have this effect. She did not deliberately try to be sexually appealing.

As the judge, Myolie does not want to reveal which of one of the contestant she supports. As for contestant #19 from Vancouver, Erica Chui is Norman Chui and Shirley Yim's daughter (Michelle Yim's niece), Myolie felt the team of judges will handle it fairly and the results won't be affected because the contestant has an artist background.

Susan Su (#18) appeared in a blue low-cut dress, but she doesn't feel she's particularly sexy. Wendy Yu (#13) sat still as reporters requested and allowed pictures to be taken, however, she was suspected to have exposed herself based on her sitting posture. She laughed and said if she did expose herself, then she will say sorry to everyone. As for Hong Kong representative Rebecca Zhu (#26) revealed she was on a busy schedule in the last few days, she expressed she is the worst dancer among the contestants and she personally supports Maggie Yu (#25) of Dalian because of her smooth and clear skin.

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