Charmaine Sheh's 98 year old grandmother passed away

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Charmaine Sheh's 98 year old grandmother passed away

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:40 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh's 98 year old grandmother passed away

Yesterday morning, Charmaine Sheh reveals on Weibo that her 98 year old grandmother had passed away. She wrote sadly: "Holding her warm a split second.. her hand turned cold. My tears came running down..but I smiled...accompanying her until the 98th year, until the very end. Her persistence as a person, I can see it and I will remember. You do not need to worry about in peace." Charmaine was by her grandmother's side when she passed away. She wrote on Weibo about her grandmother's passing, everything that had to be done was done, and that it somewhat of a relief. She had already thought it through, her grandmother is in heaven watching over her.

Fans and good friends all sent their condolences to Charmaine. Liza Wang urged Charmaine to take care of herself and RIP to her grandmother. Bobby Au Yeung gives his sincere condolences to Charmaine. Miu Siu Ching said: "Charmaine, you sure make your grandmother proud, continue to let her be proud of you. She is smiling up in heaven and feels gratified." In return, Charmaine thanked everyone for their condolences and urged everyone to cherish the people around them.

Last year, Charmaine went back to Mainland to shoot series and every time she went back to HK, she would visit her grandmother in the hospital. Not long does she visit, she also takes up the responsibility of an good granddaughter and takes very good care of her, including feeding her food.

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